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Tuesday, Mar. 31st (Entire Show)

What to look for in this quarter’s earnings reports.

This Large-Cap stock continues to flourish.

What is your plan when the next Bear Market hits?

The next bear market will first show up here.


Monday, Mar. 30th (Entire Show)

When earnings expectations begin to contract, stock and indexes contract.

Was last Wednesday’s big sell-off a warning?

Have S&P 500 earnings peaked?

Is the 6 year old Bull Market still intact?


Friday, Mar. 27th (Entire Show)

Forces on S&P 500 EPS estimates.

Healthcare stocks like this continue to thrive.

This little stock is one of the best performers in the entire market.

Do the current numbers on the market support fear or greed?


Thursday, Mar. 26th (Entire Show)

Have S&P Earnings Topped Out?

What is the methodology here?

Paying Capital Gains taxes is a good thing.  It means that you are making money!

What will finally bring an end to this 6 year Bull Market?


Wednesday, Mar. 25th (Entire Show)

Kraft Foods vs. Hain Celestial.  It is no contest.

The market seems easy right now, but it’s going to get a lot tougher.

I still like healthcare stocks like this.

Growth vs. Value in this current market?  Here are some clues.


Tuesday, Mar. 24th (Entire Show)

Do you agree with this market or not?  Here is what I think…

This stock continues to clobber the market.

Here is one of the ways that I am playing the strong dollar/weak yen.

Would you rather have a robot or a human managing your portfolio?


Wednesday, Mar. 18th (Entire Show)

Which Doomsday Prophet should I Listen too?

I only have 10 hall of famers in my Best Stocks Now App. This is one of them.

One of the powerhouse stocks of our generation.

The pros and cons of managing your own portfolio.


Tuesday, Mar. 17th (Entire Show)

The world is changing. Is your portfolio changing with it?

One of the strongest stocks in one of the strongest sectors.

A great healthcare stock with a nice dividend yield to boot!

Do you have too many non-performing assets in retirement?


Monday, Mar. 16th (Entire Show)

Oil Glut will take a while to work itself out.

How to play the strong U.S. Dollar.

Is it still safe to be in the market after 6 years of BULL?

These sectors continue to lead the market.


Friday, Mar. 13th (Entire Show)

It looks like I was wrong on my few oil buys.

This stock just keeps on climbing.

This biotech has been good to me.

Sample of Buy/Sell Alerts I sent out this past week.


Thursday, Mar. 12th (Entire Show)

How to deal with big down days in a BULL MARKET.

This stock is high up on my watch list.

Nice steady performing drug stock over the years.

Here is where I am currently fishing for potential trophy stocks.


Wednesday, Mar. 11th (Entire Show)

How is the huge rally in the Dollar impacting the market?

Nice PEG ratio on stock in the Medical Sector.

One of my favorite stocks in the market right now.

Four reasons for trying out my Best Stocks Now App.


Tuesday, Mar. 10th (Entire Show)

Value vs. Momentum?  How about combining both?

SWKS was one of the featured stocks in my 2011 book.  Now it’s going into the S&P 500.

Could this be the next SWKS?

The pros and cons of having friends manage your money.


Monday, Mar. 9th (Entire Show)

Today is the six-year anniversary of the Bull Market-Are you still in or out?

Here are my current 2015 & 2016 S&P 500 Target Prices.

Are U.S. stocks still the best place to be?

These are the leading sectors in the market.


Thursday, Mar. 5th (Entire Show)

I remember PCYC when it was a $10 stock.

Potent stock research in the palm of your hand.

My #4 ranked stock overall is another Biotech.

A simple guide to using my app and newsletter.


Wednesday, Mar. 4th (Entire Show)

Here is why Netanyahu speech is rolling markets.

This small-cap “chip” stock still looks cheap to me.

I still like stocks like this from the healthcare sector.

What are the “technicals” of the market telling us right now?


Tuesday, Mar. 3rd (Entire Show)

My current Target Prices for the S&P 500.

A very “un-sexy” Best Stocks Now.

This new combination of chip-makers could be potent.

What is the risk level of your portfolio?


Monday, Mar. 2nd (Entire Show)

Do you know where your PEG ratios are at?

Are stocks still the best place to be, or are bonds more attractive right now?

The leading asset classes right now.

Here are the market’s current leading sectors.


Friday, Feb. 27th (Entire Show)

Big Stories in the Market worth mentioning.

Stock of the Decade?

This Drug stock still sports a very favorable PEG ratio.

Preview of this week’s newsletter.


Thursday, Feb. 26th (Entire Show)

Have you checked the PEG ratio of your stocks lately?

From little Akorns…

Go Go Avago!

The market is not in a valuation bubble yet, but many individual stocks are.


Wednesday, Feb. 25th (Entire Show)

Pay attention to individual valuations in a “Fairly Valued Market”

A little known GEM of a stock.

Actavis-When in doubt-let numbers speak for themselves.

Here is why I sold 1/2 of my Skyworks.


Tuesday, Feb. 24th (Entire Show)

In a “Fairly Valued” market, there are still “Under Valued” stocks.

Here is an example of an undervalued stock in a fairly valued market.

Is it time to SELL Home Depot?

What does fiduciary mean?


Monday, Feb. 23rd (Entire Show)

Are we entering into “bubble” territory?

Are U.S. markets now fairly valued?

This Market is MUCH cheaper than U.S.

Where are the best areas to fish in the market right now?


Friday, Feb. 20th (Entire Show)

Here is what I talked about on my daily radio show this week.

This Mohawk looks good.

Organic Growth and happy shareholders!

Best Stocks Now come from all walks of life.


Thursday, Feb. 19th (Entire Show)

How much exposure do the Banks have to Greek Debt?

Is Wal-Mart a Best Stock Now?

This comings business model is really paying off.

Don’t ignore Growth when chasing Dividends.


Wednesday, Feb. 18th (Entire Show)

The NY Times is finally discovering the India Stock Market. I told you about it last spring.

Do you know JACK?

Does your team wear the products of this great stock?

The pitfalls of contrarian investing.


Tuesday, Feb. 17th (Entire Show)

I saw a major shift in asset flow last week. Money is going from here to here…

These two sectors are breaking out. Here are some top names within them.

Last Friday was one of my busiest BUYING days so far this year. Here is how you can follow along with my live trading.

The leading sectors in the market right now.


Friday, Feb. 13th (Entire Show)

Here we go again. Greece has a deal and Russia has a ceasefire. I don’t think so…

Is Under Aruour’s Curry a threat to Nike?

As restaurants come and go, this company profits.

This week’s newsletter will have a lot of new buys in it.


Thursday, Feb. 12th (Entire Show)

Here we go again. Greece has a deal and Russia has a ceasefire. I don’t think so.

This stock is in a sweet spot in the market right now.

I love stocks like this that are breaking out.

The extreme risk of infesting in Private Companies.


Wednesday, Feb. 11th (Entire Show)

It is time for Greece to roll up its sleeves and get to WORK?

Is this the next Chipotle?

An Ultimate Growth Stock?

Fee based management vs. commission paying products


Tuesday, Feb. 10th (Entire Show)

Will Greece have to do a U-Turn o the promises that they made to voters?

A good Tech Stock that BENEFITS from a Strong U.S. Dollar.

Here is an example of how BEST STOCKS NOW come in all shapes and sizes.

The Bull Market will turn 6 years old in three weeks. How much longer can it go?


Monday, Feb. 9th (Entire Show)

What is the answer to the problems in Greece?

Clues from the Year to date Scorecard in the Market.

The leading indexes in the world right now.

The current leading sectors in the market.


Friday, Feb. 6th (Entire Show)

Are you following the wrong “gurus”?

Another way to play the surging Real Estate Sector.


The dangers of falling in love with a stock.


Thursday, Feb. 5th (Entire Show)

These are the forces creating the extreme volatility in the market.

One of the great stocks in the market that few know about.

Is this stock the next Wal-Mart?

Do you have an efficient method of zeroing in on stocks?


Wednesday, Feb. 4th (Entire Show)

Holding Disney for ten years vs. GE. No comparison!

One of the great “under the radar” Large Cap Stocks.

This Large Cap Growth Stock has the wind at its back right now.

Here is what I think about the Sell-Off in Biotechs.


Tuesday, Feb. 3rd (Entire Show)

Has oil bottomed? Here are four names that are moving up smartly right now.

This healthcare stock continues to benefit from government subsidized programs.

Is this nice dividend payer getting ready to break out?

The logic behind chasing big dividends.


Monday, Feb. 2nd (Entire Show)

Why aren’t these Blue Chip stocks flourishing anymore?

This unique economic environment is creating continued opportunity.

The best places in the world to invest.

Is the biotech sector still a leading sector?


Friday, Jan. 30th (Entire Show)

What did the FED say to make the market go down?

Is Google a Best Stock Now?

Powerful move by Biogen. Is it a Best Stock Now?

Patterns of Evidence.


Thursday, Jan. 29th (Entire Show)

What did the FED say to make the market go down?

Can McDonald’s turn it around?

One of the best performing stocks in the market. I’ll bet that you have never heard of it.


Wednesday, Jan. 28th (Entire Show)

Is Apple still a Best Stock Now?

This stock is as simple as ABC.

This stock has a great business model.

India is up 44% over last 12 mos. while Greece is down 44%. Why?


Tuesday, Jan. 27th (Entire Show)

What companies benefit from a STRONG U.S. Dollar?

Another big breakthrough for Diabetes Patients.

Here is a company that BENEFITS from a STRONG DOLLAR.

With a STRONG U.S. Dollar, these are the companies to avoid.


Monday, Jan. 26th (Entire Show)

The Greeks and Germans in a showdown. Europe’s problems continue.

With massive QE, is it time to buy European Stocks?

Where in the World are the BEST places to be invested?

These Sectors continue to lead the market.


Friday, Jan. 23rd (Entire Show)

How is earnings season going so far? You have to be in the right places!

Still one of the BEST smartphone plays.

Is GE a Best Stock Now?

The life cycle of a publically traded company (BOX) (GE).


Thursday, Jan. 22nd (Entire Show)

Is the 4.6% dividend yield on VZ a good reason to buy the stock?

Fuel prices savings dropping right to the bottom line of this company.

One of the best stocks in the entire market?

Previewing this week’s newsletter.


Wednesday, Jan. 21st (Entire Show)

IBM=I Be mediocre?

Another way to play the red-hot India Story.

This company is addressing diseases of the Eye.

Have you accurately assessed your risk tolerance?


Tuesday, Jan. 20th (Entire Show)

Has oil bottomed? What about Gold?

What are the leading Asset Classes now?

With 66 Indexes at home and around the world to choose from, what are the best not?

These are the current leading sectors in the market.


Friday, Jan. 16th (Entire Show)

What is causing the extreme volatility in the market?

This former leader in the oil patch is firming up nicely.

Gold is looking very, very interesting right now.

An Update on the U.S. Economy.


Thursday, Jan. 15th (Entire Show)

These are the two countries that I have exposure to right now.

Technicals starting to turn on this Oil Stock.

This stock benefiting from low oil prices.

A list of stocks to keep your eyes on.


Wednesday, Jan. 14th (Entire Show)

Should we be concerned with Wednesday’s Retail Sales Report?

Drug Medical, and Consumer Staple, all in one stock.

Maybe this stock will make you sleep better at night.

Using Social Media in the stock market.


Tuesday, Jan. 13th (Entire Show)

The Bull Marches On! Low interest Rates Helping.

Another Success Story from my Best Stocks Now book-MWIV.

This Organic Juice company grew up to be a Monster!

Free Bill Gunderson Book Offer


Monday, Jan. 12th (Entire Show)

Is low oil a net benefit to the overall economy?

Can the current fundamentals of the market support higher prices?

Here is where I continue to allocate assets.

My favorite sectors of the market now.


Thursday, Jan. 8th (Entire Show)

No inflation until 2018?

What a great turnaround story.

REIT’s like this on fire right now.

My headline article on MarketWatch this week.


Wednesday, Jan. 7th (Entire Show)

Is the 70 month old Bull Market still intact?

This is still one of the best stocks in the S&P 500.

This small-cap continues to fly high.

Tip on handling extreme volatility in the market.


Tuesday, Jan. 6th (Entire Show)

Where are oil price and interest rates headed?

Is it better to buy oil stocks hitting new lows or drug stocks like this hitting new highs?

Where are consumer’s gas savings going?

When is the almost 6-year old bull going to end?


Monday, Jan. 5th (Entire Show)

Greece and Oil on the Front Burner of the Market.

Can the current fundamentals of the U.S. Market support higher prices?

Where are the Best Places in the world to be invested now?

Best sectors right now? Also, sectors to avoid.


Friday, Jan. 2nd (Entire Show)

Here is what we know about the current market as we begin 2015.

This is still one of the best stocks in the Nasdaq 100.

U.S. small caps like this one are setting up nicely for 2015.

Here is my game plan for 2015.


Wednesday, Dec. 31st (Entire Show)

Important places and numbers to watch in 2015.

I like this new company.

Still one of the premier stocks in the S&P 500.

What is the best technical pattern to buy 1,2,3, or 4?


Tuesday, Dec. 30th (Entire Show)

Will the Nasdaq get back to 5,000 and is it time to buy oil stocks?

Here is how I am playing the drop in oil prices.

The death of the mall based retailer has not happened yet.

Tips on controlling greed and fear in the market.


Monday, Dec. 29th (Entire Show)

Russia, India, and Greece in the spotlight right now.

How does the U.S. Economy stack up against other economies around the world?

Where I am allocating money now.

The Best Sectors in the Market?


Wednesday, Dec. 24th (Entire Show)

What is the biggest threat to the Bull in 2015?

I still prefer dividend payers like this instead of bonds.

“Foodie” nation boosting this stock.

What is the best technical pattern to buy?


Tuesday, Dec. 23rd (Entire Show)

Is the market a complete fraud manipulated by debt?

A leading internet Bank stock.

Consumers unleash a late shopping surge. I still like ROST.

How diversified should investors be?


Monday, Dec. 22nd (Entire Show)

Guess who came down the chimney to usher in the Santa Claus Rally?

We had a lot of steep sell-offs in 2014. What will 2015 bring?

The Bull is almost 6 years old, are U.S. stocks still the best place to be?

These are still the leading sectors in the market.


Thursday, Dec. 18th (Entire Show)

How powerful is the FED? Has Oil bottomed?

Is Sony a BUY here?

Is the sell-off in Union Pacific overdone?

The “unknown” Factors that could bring the bull to an end in 2015.


Wednesday, Dec. 17th (Entire Show)

Will 2015 be the year of the Dragon?

Can the Current U.S. Economy continue to sustain a 6-year old Bull?

A glamor stock from the Craft Beer Sector.

Come Visit Gunderson Capital Mgt. in San Diego.


Tuesday, Dec. 16th (Entire Show)

What will Putin do? The market is worried…

A strong consumer and falling oil boosting this stock.

Anti-hacking stocks like this should be in play in 2015.

401-k investors. What are your plans for the next bear market?


Monday, Dec. 15th (Entire Show)

The plunge in oil is a geopolitical event.

With the collateral damage from dropping oil end our Bull?

What is next for oil prices and the market?

The leading sectors in the market.


Friday, Dec. 12th (Entire Show)

When will we know that it is time to get back into the energy stocks?

This Atlanta Stock Loves Low Oil Prices!

Truckin’ with low oil prices.

What impact does falling oil have on the U.S. Economy?


Thursday, Dec. 11th (Entire Show)

The Dark Side of $60 Oil.

A Top Performing Biotech with a lot of “potential.”

How can you not like Airlines like this one right now?

It is not good to invest in possible scenarios.


Wednesday, Dec. 10th (Entire Show)

What is $62 oil doing to the U.S. fraching industry?

I really like the Chart of this gold stock. Is it time to nibble?

A short list of some good looking stocks right now.

Five things to do with your portfolio before the end of the year.


Tuesday, Dec. 9th (Entire Show)

Greece back on the front burner. Should we be worried?

How my Best Stocks Now App found CBST and BLUE.

Another good earnings report from a great stock.

Baseball Scouts try to find the best players. What do you use to find the best stocks?


Monday, Dec, 8th (Entire Show)

Are we in a Market Bubble?

How are low oil prices impacting our economy?

U.S. stocks have dominated world market, but what about 2015?

Is the Biotech Sector Still a Buy?


Friday, Dec. 5th (Entire Show)

Was the potent jobs report good for the market?

You can own a floundering energy stock, or a flourishing chip stock like this.

Very nice breakout on this simple, consumer stock.

Get Daily Live Trading Alerts from Bill Gunderson.


Thursday, Dec. 4th (Entire Show)

Winners and Losers in the Oil Price Plunge.

Is a Best Stock Now?

This stock continues to soar as oil price plunge.

To me, these are the most important criteria in stock selection.


Wednesday, Dec. 3rd (Entire Show)

New Oil Permits Plummet. What will the impact be?

Is it time to bottom fish for this great oil stock?

This drug stock is still flourishing!

Is it better to buy a stock hitting new lows or new highs?


Tuesday, Dec. 2nd (Entire Show)

The Bull Market is Still Intact. Here is why…

A good day for BIIB. Is it still a buy?

Domino’s Delivers.

Looking ahead to 2015 in the market.


Monday, Dec. 1st (Entire Show)

Should we be buying oil stocks here?

QE is moving offshore, should investors follow it?

Are U.S. stocks still the best place to be?

The BEST sectors in the market now.


Wednesday, Nov. 26th (Entire Show)

It is not good to chase dividend yields.

How to kill an economy Mexico style.

Dividend, Performance, Value, and great chart!

Asset Allocation vs. Index Investing.


Tuesday, Nov. 25th (Entire Show)

Is the U.S. Economy healthy enough to support higher stock prices?

One of the best, young drug companies in America?

An up and coming Biotech.

401-k Check-up.


Monday, Nov. 24th (Entire Show)

Do overseas markets present better opportunity right now?

Low Oil Prices continue to give a big boost to these stocks.

Are U.S. stocks still the best place to be invested?

The leading asset classes and sectors now.


Friday, Nov. 21st (Entire Show)

Quantitative Easing Wars!

One of my favorite stocks of all time.

Better than Google?

My current asset allocation.


Thursday, Nov. 20th (Entire Show)

Is the U.S.economy insulted from Europe and Japan woes?

A healthy stock in a healthy sector.

Another nice dividend payer in a low interest rate world.

Why I use Scottrade as my Custodian.


Wednesday, Nov. 19th (Entire Show)

These 2 stocks offer more evidence that low oil prices are a boon for the consumer.

How High can Lowe’s go?

Valeant Pharm. and Ackmann spurned. Did VRX need AGN?

There will be another BEAR MARKET, but when?


Tuesday, Nov. 18th (Entire Show)

Investing in Dividend paying stocks for Income.

A good example of a highly ranked Dividend Paying Stock.

Will the bizarre love triangle between ACT, AGN, & VRX end up happily ever after?

Best way to play stocks that are acquisition targets.


Monday, Nov.17th (Entire Show)

Japan should study the Laffer Curve.

Are low oil prices dooming the U.S. Stock Market?

JPM Morgan says to underweight U.S. Stock and Overweight Europe. I disagree.

Here are the leading sectors in the market.


Friday, Nov. 14th (Entire Show)

Investing in the Four Food Groups.

Low oil prices are helping this stock.

A scarier world is good for this stock.

A Best Stock Now APP Testimonial.


Thursday, Nov. 13th (Entire Show)

Are Wal-Mart and Cisco Best Stocks Now?

If Wal-Mart is not a Best Stock Now, Who Is?

Ways to play this burgeoning India Story?

Have you downloaded the Best Stocks Now App?


Wednesday, Nov. 12th (Entire Show)

Does Sea World Mistreat Animals?

A Great All-Terrain Stock.

This Memphis stock has delivered!

Are you getting my weekly marked letter?


Tuesday, Nov. 11th (Entire Show)

Where are we currently in the economic cycle?

A red-hot diabetes stock.

Another red-hot diabetes stock.

Why has this been such a tough year in the market?


Monday, Nov. 10th (Entire Show)

Happy Anniversary to the current Bull Market!

Current Market Leaderboard.

Here is where I am allocating money.

The BEST sectors in the market now.


Friday, Nov. 7th (Entire Show)

What does the jobs report mean for your portfolio?

A leading stock in a leading sector, in a leading index.

Low oil prices has this stock flying high.

A re-cap of several stocks that I like right now.


Thursday, Nov. 6th (Entire Show)

What to do when your stock misses earning.

Did you know that this simple stock has done so well for its investors?

One of the top Biotech Stocks in the world.

5 simple reasons to sign up for my free weekly newsletter.


Wednesday, Nov. 5th (Entire Show)

How do the election results impact your portfolio?

Consumer discretionary stocks like this are a big beneficiary of cheap oil.

One of the top performing stocks in the entire market.

How do alternatives to stocks look right now.


Tuesday, Nov. 4th (Entire Show)

Nov.-April, plus mid-term election equals avg. 16.3%.

Chip stocks like this on fire.

Drug stocks like this still leading the market.

Do you go to cash every time a little market volatility comes along?


Monday, Nov. 3rd (Entire Show)

The Case for Japanese Stocks.

What are U.S. Small-Cap currently signaling for the market?

The current state of the economy.

The Best Sectors in the Market Now.


Friday, Oct. 31st (Entire Show)

Here is How Japan has a major impact on your portfolio.

A leading Drug Stock.

Commodities plunging, Transportation Stocks Like this Soaring.

R U seeking Guidance on the Market?


Thursday, Oct. 30th (Entire Show)

Was Quantitative Easing Good, Bad, or Ugly for America?

A leading Diabetes Stock.

A leading stock in a leading sector.

Do you have an All-Star Portfolio?


Wednesday, Oct. 29th (Entire Show)

The leading sectors in the market right now.

My favorite “Pet” stock.

Not just another Ebola stock.

These leading stocks come from leading sectors.


Tuesday, Oct. 28th (Entire Show)

How I found Receptos (big winner on Tuesday)

Biotech stocks like this are blasting off again.

A recent purchase in my Growth & Income account.

Some Best Mutual Funds Now.


Monday, Oct. 27th (Entire Show)

Why was last week the best week of the year in the market?

Is Europe threatening the U.S. Economy?

The Best place in the world to be invested right now.

Some leading stocks right now.


Friday, Oct. 24th (Entire Show)

Another case of Ebola Should Investors be worried?

The best biotech stock in the world?

One of my Tech Stock Holdings.

Live Trades from Bill Gunderson


Thursday, Oct. 23rd (Entire Show)

Here is why I still like Apple.

A very fast growing Small Cap and a new buy here.

What a great large cap stock.

Are you using Bill Gunderson’s Stock Resources?


Wednesday, Oct. 22nd (Entire Show)

The Five E’s-Economy, Earnings, Energy, Europe, the ECB, and Ebola.

Does Jack in the Box have a Chipotle on their hands?

One of the best stocks in the Bay Area is not s tech stock.

A lot of Bad Economy stocks are rising. Is this an omen?


Tuesday, Oct. 21st (Entire Show)

The ECB, FED Oil Prices are bringing calm to the market right now.

Would I still buy Apple here?

The smartest company in the world does it again.

Stocks of yesteryear vs stocks of today.


Monday, Oct. 20th (Entire Show)

The Bulls have been right for almost six years. What about now?

Europe, Ebola, and the Economy.

Here is what I am doing in this treacherous market.

These areas of the market still look good.


Friday, Oct. 17th (Entire Show)

Markets are begging for more FED stimulus.

Still one of the cheapest drugs stocks around.

This mid-cap is still truckin’

Using the Best Stocks Now App to guide you through market volatility.


Thursday, Oct. 16th (Entire Show)

Who wins the battle between fundamentals and sentiment?

I would still avoid Small Cap funds and etf’s.

Europe Meltdown continues.

Support levels being broken all over the place.


Wednesday, Oct. 15th (Entire Show)

The TIDE continues to change in the market.

Inverse Funds are EZ to purchase.

A few Small Cap Stocks like this still look good.

Don’t drink the Perma-Bull Kool Aid.


Tuesday, Oct. 14th (Entire Show)

I DO NOT like these areas of the market at all.

I like this Infection Control stock.

Domino’s Delivers!

Even in a Bear, you still have to handle it one stock at a time.


Monday, Oct. 13th (Entire Show)

Fall is in the air of the market right now.

These areas of the market are melting down.

Bonds are now dominating the top spots in my asset class ranking.

A primer on Inverse Funds.


Friday, Oct. 10th (Entire Show)

How quickly greed turns to fear! Is it warranted?

Nice report on this India tech stock.

Biotechs like this were up during the last bear market.

Current Ranking of Several Asset Classes.


Thursday, Oct. 9th (Entire Show)

Bad News is Good News for the Market?

Highly Caffeinated Stock.

This Dividend Payer has tripled over the last several years.

Is Ebola a threat to the market?


Wednesday, Oct. 8th (Entire Show)

Did Tuesday’s Big Drop generate a SELL SIGNAL?

Extra Dollars in Consumer’s Pockets helping this retailer.

Batteries, Pet Supplies, Grooming Products and top performing stock.

How to navigate through big down days in the market.


Tuesday, Oct. 7th (Entire Show)

Obama’s rating on the Economy hits an all-time low.

Can we continue to cut Defense spending? This stock does not seem to think so.

Pharmaceutical stocks like this continue to thrive.

Best Stocks Now App now has Buy, Sell, Hold, Signals.


Monday, Oct. 6th (Entire Show)

The European Meltdown.

Emerging Markets remain rocky, but there is renewed hope in Brazil.

The best/worst asset classes right now.

If I was going fishing in the market today, here is where I would fish.


Friday, Oct. 3rd (Entire Show)

The Good Jobs Report is just what mkt needed!

Plunging Oil Price boosting Trucker like this.

Rising Dollar means more dough for the Pizza Maker.

What will be THE BIGGEST CAUSE of the next BEAR?


Thursday, Oct. 2nd (Entire Show)

Many areas of the marked are now BEARISH!


Submerging Markets.

Do you Believe in Buy and Hold? I don’t.


Wednesday, Oct. 1st (Entire Show)

October can be Scary.

The Little Train that Could.

Steakhouse stock looking Prime?

Help for 401k Investors.


Tuesday, Sept. 30th, (Entire Show)

AAPL, JACK, EBAY, Paypal, and PNRA.

The Botox Stock.

FedEx Delivers.

Should you be a Growth or Income investor?


Monday, Sept. 29th (Entire Show)

Are Hong Kong, Brazil, & Spain enough to end the 66 mo. Bull?

Is the Russel 2000 Death Cross the beginning of the end for small-cap stocks?

Why is the Dollar rallying and Gold sinking?

Are stocks still the best place to be? If so, where?


Friday, Sept. 26th (Entire Show)

Was Thursday’s big sell-off the beginning of the end?

Here is one on my watch list right now.

Are stocks still better than cash?

Has BlackBerry met its Waterloo?


Thursday, Sept. 25th (Entire Show)

Keep your eyes in the rear view mirror for approaching bears.

The Biotech Sector is still the #1 ranked Best Stocks Now App sector.

A value stock in the Biotech Sector?

Are biotech disconnected from the economy?


Wednesday, Sept. 24th (Entire Show)

Global Growth Concerns Rattle Market.

A new buy of a Biotech.

Cheap Wheat Helping this Stock make more dough.

A lot of common threads amongst my top ranking stocks.


Tuesday, Sept. 23rd (Entire Show)

New Threats to the Bull Market arise.

Goldman Sachs warns Bond investors while Allergan courts Salix.One of the Best Biotechs in the world?

Putting together a Straight “A” portfolio.


Monday, Sept. 22nd (Entire Show)

Is the 66 mo. old Market in trouble?

Should we be concerned about the market hitting all-time highs?What are the Best Markets in the world right now?

Are stocks still the best place to be invested?


Friday, Sept. 19th (Entire Show)

Is the Market getting too Euphoric?

One of my favorite India plays.

Hopefully this Pizza Stock will Deliver once again.

Follow Bill Gunderson’s Live Trades.


Thursday, Sept. 18th (Entire Show)

Record Highs in Market. Will they continue?

THE Diabetes Stock.

Another Railroad Hitting New Highs.

The Leading Sectors Now.


Wednesday, Sept. 17th (Entire Show)

This is day 2,018 of the current Bull Market.

An order of 15,000 new railcars.

This company helps the chipmakers.

Looking at the big picture of the market.


Tuesday, Sept. 16th (Entire Show)

Combining Value with Momentum.

Nice pullback recently in Energy Stocks like this one.

Still one of my favorite Biotechs.

How I use technical analysis in my investing.


Monday, Sept. 15th (Entire Show)

What do the Technicals of the market currently show?

What causes the big surge in the interest rates?

How about the Emerging Markets right now?

Are Stocks Still the Best Place to be?


Friday, Sept. 12th (Entire Show)

My thoughts on Penny Stocks-RUN!

Low oil prices helping this Transport.

Still one of my favorite Biotechs.

Inverse Funds may come in real handy some day.


Thursday, Sept. 11th (Entire Show)

Why i am a nervous Bull.

This Biotech has gone from $1 to $120 since 2009.

Tesla PE=413 TaTa Motors=10.

A trick for using the best Stocks Now App.


Wednesday, Sept. 10th (Entire Show)

What does Apple’s News Mean for the Stock?

I still like biotechs like this one.

Does Apples news help parts makers like this?

What worries me now about the market.


Tuesday, Sept, 9th (Entire Show)

Today is the 66 mo. anniversary of the current Bull Market.

A Best Stock Now out of Oregon?

Healthcare Stocks like this are still benefiting from Govt Stimulus.

Petrobras Scandal?


Monday, Sept. 8th (Entire Show)

I called this Bull Market on March 27, 2009.

Are New Bull Markets Emerging Around the World?

Are Stocks still the best place to be invested?

The U.S. market is getting tired while other markets around the world are waking up.


Friday, Sept. 5th (Entire Show)

Fishing in the right areas of the world markets.

Key coming up for the Keystone Pipeline. Will the labor union or environmentalist be victorious?

Until we have more pipelines, the railroads will continue to be big winners.

Bill Gunderson is now sending out live trades via his Best Stocks Now App.


Thursday, Sept 4th (Entire Show)

Draghi pulls a page from Bernanke’s playbook.

Unbelievable performance from this Dallas based small-cap.

I like the Drugs stocks. I like India. This one give investors both.

Did Samsung upstage Apple?


Wednesday, Sept. 3rd (Entire Show)

These companies are on the front lines of the hack attacks.

Why is Petroleo Brasil (PBR) flourishing once again?

Here are some ways to play the surging Indian stock market.

This Bull Market is now 66 months old.


Tuesday, Sept. 2nd (Entire Show)

Lots of BEAR calls lately. Should we listen?

The current health of the market.

The leading world stock indexes now.

The Best Asset Classes Now.


Thursday, Aug. 28th (Entire Show)

Boycott Burger King.

Centene added to S&P 400.

Consumer Confidence?

Flourishing or not? Guess? (GES)


Wednesday, Aug. 27th (Entire Show)

Biotechs Blast Off!

Nice rally in oil stocks like this.

TaTa or Tesla?

Threats to the Bull Market.


Tuesday, Aug 26th (Entire Show)

How will you handle the next BEAR MARKET?

How are the small-caps doing without stimulus?

What are the BEST asset classes now?

What are the BEST sectors now?


Monday, Aug 25th (Entire Show)

Does the little guy have a chance in the market?

Public vs Private investing.

Medical Marijuana Stocks?

What is a rising dollar and falling interest rates telling us?


Friday, Aug. 22nd (Entire Show)

Overheard at the SF Money Show.

What the newsletter writers are saying.

Healthcare stocks are still receiving stimulus.

Pick an investment style, learn it, and stick with it.


Thursday, Aug. 21st (Entire Show)

Greetings from the Money Show in San Francisco.

Is this the Best Stock in the Market?

Drug Stock on Fire again.

Is the Bull still intact?


Wednesday, Aug. 20th (Entire Show)

Why is Home Depot flourishing while Target is now?

Nice move in Salix on Tuesday.

The Railcar Boom.

Watch the Moneyshow online.


Tuesday, Aug. 19th (Entire Show)

Is the Market Rigged?

This Railroad Stock continues to chug right along.

This Biotech broke out to a new high yesterday.

Keep a gold hedge in today’s world?


Monday, Aug. 18th (Entire Show)

Are Russian/Ukraine worries behind us?

Is the U.S. Expansion waning?

Best indexes in the world right now.

Best Sectors in the Market Now.


Thursday, Aug. 14th (Entire Show)

Is the U.S. consumer healthy?

This chip stock continues to soar!

Lower oil prices are benefiting this tip-performing transportation stock.

Guess what the leading sectors in the market are right now?


Wednesday, Aug. 13th (Entire Show)

How to kill an economy: 101

Why is Priceline investing in this stock?

The oil stock have pulled back. Time to buy?

Index or Asset Allocation or Neither?


Tuesday, Aug. 12nd (Entire Show)

This is day 1,982 of the Bull Market.

A great Chinese Growth Story.

A great India Value Play.

See you at the upcoming San Francisco Money Show.


Monday, Aug. 11th (Entire Show)

Geopolitical events continue to drive the market.

Why are foreign markets outperforming U.S. markets this year?

The best indexes in the world right now.

The best sectors in the market right now.


Thursday, Aug. 7th (Entire Show)

Putin retaliates as Russia warns.

Great day for Dexcom!

I like the Cell Tower stock.

Keys to this market going forward.


Wednesday, Aug. 6th (Entire Show)

How does Russia/Ukraine impact your portfolio?

Do you have exposure to Europe?

It’s a Small World after all.

It is time to adjust your portfolio.


Tuesday, Aug. 5th (Entire Show)

A Miracle Cure for Ebola?

Little Akorn continues to grow.

A Gunderson All Star Stock.

Keep a 5-year perspective on the market.


Monday, Aug. 4th (Entire Show)

 Has the Bull Market run its course?

The Emerging Markets are now outperforming the U.S. market.

The Best indexes in the world right now.

The leading Sectors in the Market Now.


Friday, Aug. 1st (Entire Show)

Has the expansion in the U.S. run its course?

Are there better opportunities in the world, other than U.S. right now?

These two Emerging Markets are now outperforming the U.S. market.

Live Trading Push Notifications now available on Best Stocks Now App.


Thursday, July 31st (Entire Show)

Are World Events threatening the Bull?

Nice report from Lam Research.

Ship Leaves for S. Korea carrying U.S. Crude.

Is the Bull in Trouble?


Wednesday, July 30th (Entire Show)

What does the GDP report for the future of the current Bull?

Would I buy Twitter right now?

A good week for large Biotechs like this.

How much more life does this bull have in it?


Tuesday, July 29th (Entire Show)

Follow the Stimulus in the Market.

Big Winner with WIN.

Asia blasting off, here is why…

Bill Gunderson will be appearing at the San Francisco Money Show.


Monday, July 28th (Entire Show)

Is a bear lurking? Key questions to answer.

The Emerging Markets are taking off.

The leading indexes in the world right now.

Is the 64 month old Bull Market still intact?


Friday, July 25th (Entire Show)


Along with Government Subsidies, stocks like this continue to flourish.

The Google of China continues to look better than the Google of America.

Message to Amazon Investors: Valuation does matter.


Thursday, July 24th (Entire Show)

A Promising New Drug for Breast Cancer.

A “cure” for Hepatitis-C.

Where would our economy be without the energy boom and stocks like this?

Managing a portfolio trough earnings season.


Wednesday, July 23rd (Entire Show)

My take on Apples Earnings Report.

Big Beat for Biogen-1 Remain Long.

Another Biotech that I like right now.

Who manages your money?


Tuesday, July 22nd (Entire Show)

Market hitting new highs amongst geopolitical turmoil. Here is why.

Healthcare sector is a leader. Here is one of my favorite healthcare stocks.

Auto Sales still strong. This stock hitting new highs.

I have been bullish since this BULL market began in March of 2009. Here is my current stance.


Monday, July 21st (Entire Show)

Geopolitical events continue to shape the market.

The Best Stock Indexes in the world right now.

My current Asset Allocation.

What the next bear will look like.


Friday, July 18th (Entire Show)

Crisis Investing.

I am happy with Skyworks.

Why the India and Brazil Markets are Moving up.

Here is why 2014 is a tough year in the market.


Thursday, July 17th (Entire Show)

Why did Microsoft go up when layoffs announced?

Bid day for United Rentals. I remain long.

Calgary Railroad stock breaks out again. I remain long.

Is ti immoral for Microsoft to lay off thousands?


Wednesday, July 16th (Entire Show)

Did Yellen Just Kill Biotechs Again?

Intel has been a Market Performer until now.

The Healthcare Sector is a Leader. One of my favorites is…

The Case for Gold Stocks.


Tuesday, July 15th (Entire Show)

What should I do with my 401-k now?

Is Kodiak a good deal for Whiting Petroleum?

Is Johnson & Johnson a Best Stock Now?

My current ranking of the Major Asset Classes.


Monday, July 14th (Entire Show)

What is next for Gold?

The Bull is now 64 months old. Is it beginning to lose its hair?

This index will start to roll over when the Bull is done.

Why I am currently flying s Yellow Flag on the Market.


Friday, July 11th (Entire Show)

See what is in my Dividend Paying Portfolio.

Dividend Paying Stocks vs. Fixed Income.

One of the BEST growth stocks still trading at 12X forward earnings.

What style of portfolio do you belong in?


Thursday, July 10th (Entire Show)

What is the “Turmoil Indicator” (GOLD) telling us?

Here is a GOLD stock that I am warming up to.

A SILVER stock that is breaking out.

How much longer can this 5 year old BULL last?


Wednesday, 9th (Entire Show)

Why the “risk-off” move Monday & Tuesday?

Why is Alcoa becoming a Best Stock Now once again?

With tension building in the Middle Ease, here is an Oasis in Houston.

It is time to be very vigilant again. Here is why.


Tuesday, July 8th (Entire Show)

What to look for this Earnings Season.

Is the iWatch a game changer for Apple?

Taiwan Semiconductor stocks like this are very strong right now. Here is why.

Just how serious is this two-day sell-off?


Monday, July 7th (Entire Show)

Is 17,000 the Top?

Is the BEAR lurking?

The Leading Asset Classes Now.

The Leading Sectors Now.


Thursday, July 3rd (Entire Show)

My Argument Against Asset Allocations.

Tesla or TaTa?

Another big Winner from my Book, Best Stocks Now.

Get My Weekly Newsletter.


Wednesday, July 2nd (Entire Show)

Lack of infrastructure is really benefiting these sectors.

Another big winner in the Transportation Sector.

Is Apple switching from Samsung to this Chip Maker instead?

Update on GoPro IPO.


Tuesday, July 1st (Entire Show)

Headlines like these driving stocks.

Four major players in Fracking Boom.

Another big winner in the Biotech Sector.

Politically Correct Investing.


Monday, June 30th (Entire Show)

Are you a BuyandHolder?

Resources that I use for Trading.

Is the Current PE ratio of the S&P 500 troublesome?

Is the Energy SEctor still a good place to be?


Friday, June 27th (Entire Show)

My take on Rick Parry and Tony Gwynn.

Another Biotech Breaking Out.

A to p rarted ATLANTA based Energy Stock.

My Trading Day.


Thursday, June 26th (Entire Show)

My take on Sell Stops.

This Big Oil Service Stock Continues to Break Out.

Why does it seem like all the good stocks this year are headquartered in Houston?

How important is Sector Rotation?


Wednesday, June 25th (Entire Show)

Is the U.S. Economy Headed for Recession?

Export U.S. Oil? First Tin in 40 Years!

A stock that stands to benefit from now being able to export U.S. oil.

Buy the GoPro IPO?


Tuesday, June 24th (Entire Show)

Current Top Ten Ranked Best Stocks Now.

Speculative Drug Stock on the move again.

My favorite Drug Stock.

Catalysts are driving these sectors.


Monday, June 23rd (Entire Show)

How I am invested right now.

Year-to-date market scorecard.

My current Stock/Bond mix.

This one sector is dominating the market this year.


Friday, June 20th (Entire Show)

Is it time to BUY gold?

I am still in love with the chip stock.

A speculative Oil & Gas stock that I currently own.

My weekly newsletter now has a model portfolio for just about every style of investor.


Thursday, June 19th (Entire Show)

What did the FED say?

A new Williston Basin play for us.

Railroad stocks like this continue to break out to new highs.

A peek inside MY speculative trading account.


Wednesday, June 18th (Entire Show)

Momentum Stock Comeback.

A dire cheap biotech.

One of the best dividend payers of all time.

Chili dog stock breaking out again.


Tuesday, June 17th (Entire Show)

Alternative Energy Stocks in Focus Again.

Solar City Breaking out of a nice Base.

LGN back in the spotlight.

Ways to play the ENERGY SECTOR.


Monday, June 16th (Entire Show)

Iraq & Ukraine, why would anyone own stocks right now?

Canadian stocks breaking loose on Iraq turmoil.

The best neighborhoods in the market right now.

The best sectors in the market right now.


Friday, June 13th (Entire Show)

What about Priceline buying Opentable?

The of India?

What are the “right places” in the market right now?

The best resources for market ideas.


Thursday, June 12th (Entire Show)

What went wrong with the Harvard Endowment Fund?

Oil is now $106 per barrel as oil stocks like this are breaking loose!

Another big chart breakout for this oil producer.

The best neighborhoods in the market right now.


Wednesday, June 11th (Entire Show)

Here is my take on Apple stock split.

Do you know who makes the parts inside your smart phone? Here is one of them…

A stock paying a 5.6% div yield and hitting new highs.

These are the ONLY sectors that I would be investing in right now.


Tuesday, June 10th (Entire Show)

The problem with pure momentum investing.

A nice Oil & Gas with momentum and value.

Does Caterpillar have its mojo back?

The problem with pure fundamental investing.


Monday, June 9th (Entire Show)

Lots of Best Stocks Now stocks like these tasking off right now.

The Best Asset Classes to invest in right now.

2014 market leaders are altogether different from 2013.

This year’s leading sectors don’t resemble last year’s leaders.


Friday, June 6th (Entire Show)

Only buy the BEST when “Bottom Fishing”.

Massive breakout in one of my Favorite stocks.

A great yield on a stock that is breaking out.

Don’t invest in mismanaged companies.


Thursday, June 5th (Entire Show)

GM-A lesson on how to run a company!

My favorite Biotech taking off again. I am back in.

Another prime biotech making a comeback. I am back in.

Buy and Holds or Trade?


Wednesday, June 4th (Entire Show)

Why do ships come to the U.S. full and leave empty?

This U.S. energy company wants to EXPORT OIL!

Chip stocks like this are on fire.

Is alternative energy the BEST alternative?


Tuesday, June 3rd (Entire Show)

Best Trends for Traders right now.

India is up 22% YTD. One of my favorite Indian stocks

This stock is benefiting from no Keystone Pipeline.

Best Inverse ETF’S now.


Monday, June 2nd (Entire Show)

Trend-less market?

Some developing trends.

Leading sectors now.

Need help in the market?


Thursday, May 29th (Entire Show)

Why I think that there are better opportunities in overseas markets right now.

I own this stock because it is still flying high.

Is this leading consumer stock currently a Best Stock Now?

How to deal with a sideways U.S. Market.


Wednesday, May 28th (Entire Show)

What is the BOND MARKET telling us?

Healthcare stocks like this breaking out once again.

Many chip stocks like this on fire right now.

What are the prospects going forward for the U. S. economy?


Tuesday, May 27th (Entire Show)

Bill Gunderson discusses the current state of the market.

The BEST asset classes in the market right now.

The WORST asset classes in the market right now.

The Best/Worst sectors in the market currently.


Friday, May 23rd (Entire Show)

2014 is completely different from 2013 in the market.

An Irish Drug company continue to look solid.

Tips for Thrift Savings Plans and 401-k Allocations.

Looking for those trophy fish in your Trading Account.


Thursday, May 22nd (Entire Show)

TECHNICAL DIFFICULTY (computer froze up in Texas)

An Oasis in Texas? Another play on the fracking boom.

Various ways for investors to play $104 oil.

Unconventional ways to play the oil boom.


Wednesday, May 21st (Entire Show)

Recent Election is an Inflection Point for India Story-Morgan Stanley.

Ways to play India.

Latin America Bank with an 8% yield.

A few speculative trading ideas.


Tuesday, May 20th (Entire Show)

Why gold miners are going nowhere and is a Reagan Style Boom coming to India?

An Omaha stock that beats Buffett handily.

This Stock has been flying under of the avg. investor for the last decade!

Why it is vital to invest in great management.


Monday, May 19th (Entire Show)

Affects of recent elections on India Stock Market.

U.S. market still dull while Emerging Markets are heating up.

Leading Sectors in the market now.

The Bottom line on the market right now.


Friday, May 16th (Entire Show)

Interest rate prospects going forward.

Tata to Tesla?

My first Drug Stock Buy since March.

Last Year: U.S. This Year: Emerging Markets.


Wednesday, May 14th (Entire Show)

The big question at the Las Vegas Money Show this year.

Interview with Doug Fabian in International vs US Markets in 2014.

Interview with Doug Fabian. How much longer can this bull last?

A large cap foreign dividend play.


Tuesday, May 13th (Entire Show)

Notes from the Las Vegas Money Show.

How political change around the world is affecting the markets.

White Gold vs Black Gold.

What’s working in the market in 2014.


Monday, May 12th (Entire Show)

The Current State of the Market.

The Market has some really bad neighborhoods right now.

Current good neighborhoods in the market.

Leading Sector and Asset Classes right now.


Friday, May 9th (Entire Show)

Staying in tune with changes in the market.

A great stock that is north of the border.

About the Best Stocks Now APP.

How I use the Best Stocks Now App.


Thursday, May 8th (Entire Show)

When to admit that you are wrong about a stock.

Foreign utility and infrastructure stocks like this are breaking out.

Canadian Railroad stocks like this are breaking out.

Should investors rely on FUNDAMENTALS only?


Wednesday May 7th (Entire Show)

Tuesday’s market was a perfect example of what is working this year and what is not.

Last year it was Silicon Valley stocks. This year it is Huston.

Another very good energy stock breaking out.

Where you can find a summary of my market tweets daily.


Tuesday, May 6th (Entire Show)

Is it better to buy in to STRENGTH or WEAKNESS?

An OASIS in a market desert?

One of the greatest stocks I have ever owned. I still own it.

My current Top Ten ranked stocks.


Monday, May 5th (Entire Show)

From Biotechs to Brazil. What a difference a year makes!

Money continues to gush from HIGH PE to LOW PE.

This Year’s Sector Rankings vs. Last Year.

The current BOTTOM LINE in this year’s market.


Friday, May 2nd (Entire Show)

Was the Jobs report really that good?

This MLP has cranked out an avg. 25% total return over the last ten years.

This small cap is exploding to the upside again.

Why has Bill Gross lost his “rock-star” status?


Thursday, May 1st (Entire Show)

Index investors must be willing to endure a 50% drop in the market.

New CEO at Ford. How did the prior guy do?

Rags to Riches story in a red-hot oil stock.

What themes should 401-k investors be looking at in 2014?


Wednesday, Apr. 30th (Entire Show)

I am on Twitter all day. But, what about the stock?

Here is one that I recently bought in my Trading Account.

Nicholas Vardy interview about the Ukraine situation.

The U.S. Market has dominated the world over the last two years. What about this year? (Nick Vardy interview cont’d).


Tuesday, Apr. 29th (Entire Show)

What a difference a year makes in the market. Just ask Apple.

From Blazin’ Biotechs to Brazilian Banks.

We nailed one winner in Brazil could this one be next?

Do you momentum investors know anything about VALUE INVESTING?


Monday, Apr. 28th (Entire Show)

With Putin threatening the Ukraine, why not sell everything?

Mitigating Stock Market Risk.

The pros and cons of sell stops.

This year’s leaders are much different from last year’s.


Friday, Apr. 25th (Entire Show)

How geopolitical events are impacting energy stocks.

New purchase at GCM breaking out!

A great stock for sports nutz.

Are you still doing the same thing in this year’s market as you did last year?


Thursday, Apr. 24th (Entire Show)

Buy or Sell Stocks before stocks like this?

Fixed Income vs. Dividend Paying stocks like this?

The market is in love with LOW PE stocks like this.

How do you spot sector rotation?


Wednesday, Apr. 23rd (Entire Show)

The Best Stocks Now App was the #4 Financial App in itures again yesterday.

Is the BEAR beginning to growl after a five-year plus BULL?

Nice pop in one of my Agg. Growth Holdings after earnings.

Are the biotechs resuming market leadership?


Tuesday, Apr. 22nd (Entire Show)

We are now in the latter innings of the recovery. What does this mean for your portfolio?

The market has moved from last years white collar stocks to blue collar stocks like this.

Why are railroad and trucking stocks taking off right now?

Are you a Value or Momentum investor? I am both.


Monday, Apr. 21st (Entire Show)

Last Year’s leaders are done handing off the baton.

These Sectors are now becoming this year’s leaders.

Last year the U.S. market led the way. What about this year?

Here is my current asset allocation.


Wednesday, Apr. 16th (Entire Show)

The Ukrainian situation still unnerves the market.

Energy stocks like this breaking out all over the place!

Nick Vardy just got back from the Ukraine area. Here is what he has to say.

Nick Vardy interview about the emerging markets.


Tuesday, Apr. 15th (Entire Show)

Highlights from Bill Gunderson’s Bloomberg Radio Interview.

A great “fracking” stock.Sentiment runs overt Fundamentals like a freight train.

My Best Stocks Now App is doing what it was designed to do right now.


Monday, Apr. 14th (Entire Show)

If you want a pain free ride in the market, it will cost you dearly.

Is the U.S. Bull over or is the money flowing somewhere else?

The leading indexes in the World right now may surprise you.

We have just undergone a complete sector rotation.


Friday, Apr. 11th (Entire Show)

What is your SELL discipline? Here is mine.

I track 64 indexes around the world. Guess where the U.S. is ranked currently?

Here is another one that I won in MY speculative trading account.

The market is not painless! But, you can learn to deal with it.


Thursday, Apr. 10th (Entire Show)

This is a good time to re-assess your risk profile.

Introducing my new TRADING portfolio and one of the current stocks in it.

This $400m stock is not for the faint of heart, but it currently meets my BSN criteria. And I own it.

New live trading services in the works at


Wednesday, Apr. 9th (Entire Show)

Is the market done rotating?

The market now wants large, value,  and foreign. This stock has all three.

Nick Vardy interview on the current Ukraine situation.

Nick Vardy interview continued: International investing is back in Vogue.


Tuesday, Apr. 8th (Entire Show)

Handling extreme volatility in the market.

It is time for some international investing like this.

Investing outside of the U.S. is suddenly the place to be.

I believe that the five year old BULL is still in tact for now.


Monday, Apr. 7th (Entire Show)

2014 is completely different than 2013 in the market. Have you adjusted your portfolio?

The Top 3 excuses to avoid for continuing to hold onto last year’s winners.

Money is flowing from HIGH PE to LOW PE. Are you flowing with it?

After a 15 month run, the sectors have COMPLETELY rotated. Here’s where they stand now.


Friday, Apr. 4th (Entire Show)

Round and Round the market goes. Where it stops, does anybody know?

Know when to admit you are wrong with an investing thesis.

Doug Fabian interview on ETF;s vs Mutual Funds.

Doug Fabian interview cont’d-Where Doug sees the market headed now.


Thursday, Apr. 3rd (Entire Show)

The fish (stocks) are not biting in the same places as they were last year!

How to develop your own investment style.

Doug Fabian interview on ETF’s vs Mutual Funds.

Doug Fabian interview cont’d-Where Doug sees the  market headed now.


Wednesday, Apr. 2nd (Entire Show)

Here is what 401-k investors should be doing now-IMO.

The Market is Suddenly Falling in Love with LOW PE stocks like this.

This stock has a PE ratio of 10 and is nearing new highs.

The PC Version of the Best Stocks Now is up and running-it is SWEET.


Tuesday, Apr. 1st (Entire Show)

The Market Continues to Rotate. Are You Rotating With It?

LOW PE stock like this are BREAKING OUT.

Large Cap Value like this is taking over for Small Cap Growth.

The Current State of the Market.


Monday, Mar. 31st (Entire Show)

Ten letters have completely changed this market.

Two new areas of the market are now emerging.

RIs the market selling off or rotating?

Is the five year old bull in trouble?


Friday, Mar. 28th (Entire Show)

Are you rotating with the market?

Low PE stocks like this are breaking loose.

Russell 2000 vs. Buffet bet! Nick Vardy Interview.

Global stock hot spots! Nick Vardy Interview.


Thursday, Mar. 27th (Entire Show)

As Russian troops assemble on the Ukraine border, four letter symbols tremble.

Is it time to buy some inverse funds?

The market is moving from High PE to low PE stock like this.

You can short, sell or transition with this market. Here is what I am doing.


Wednesday, Mar. 26th (Entire Show)

Should investors have a crush on IPO’s?

Did biotechs like GILD overreact to Waxman’s comments?

I love recurring revenue models like this market leader has.

The market is moving from Growth to Value.


Tuesday, Mar, 25th (Entire Show)

When Interest Rate Rise-Multiples Contract.

This stock is hitting new highs amongst biotech sell-off.

Bank stocks like this like higher rates.

The PC version of the Best Stocks Now App will be released today.


Monday, Mar. 24th (Entire Show)

Baseball, Basketball, and Biotechs.

Is GILD justified in charging $90k for their Hepatitis C Drug?

Where are we going to make any money in 2014?

Ne market leaders are beginning to emerge as current ones fall.


Thursday, Mar. 20th (Entire Show)

This year’s market is like driving L.A.-Stop & Go!

My favorite large cap stock right now.

Here is why I own this Plano, Texas Large Cap.

Do you have all stars in your portfolio?


Wednesday, Mar. 19th (Entire Show)

Now that Russia is on the back burner, the FED moves to the front burner.

Drug stocks like this one continue to roll.

Solar City reports their first profit. Why I own the stock.

Should we listen to the doomsday newsletter writers?


Tuesday, Mar. 18th (Entire Show)

What triggers a Buy or Sell for me?

I bought this small cap tech stock yesterday.

Do you know who makes all of those uniforms for March Madness?

We may finally have a meaningful rally brewing.


Monday, Mar. 17th (Entire Show)

The market continue to be held down by these two factors.

The best place to be invested in the world right now.

Why I am NOT an asset allocator.

These four sectors continue to lead the market.


Friday, Mar. 14th (Entire Show)

With these geopolitical events bring the 5 year old Bull to its knees?

This franchise is hitting the West Coast by storm. What about the stock?

What a great stock in a stockpicker’s market!

You hear about a good stock. How do you check it out?


Thursday, Mar. 13th (Entire Show)

What happened to the Wind that we had at our backs in 2013?

Why I like companies that are growing.

Celebrex comes of patent, who benefits. (ACT)

You have to decide your style of investing.


Monday, Mar. 10th (Entire Show)

The market still has plenty to worry about.

The S&P finally broke the 1850 resistance.

I am still invested in just ONE asset class.

The leading Sectors are starting to wobble.


Friday, Mar. 7th (Entire Show)

The BULL is now 5 year old. Happy Anniversary?

This stock yields the same as a CD, but it has upside potential tool. (DIS)

My weekly newsletter keeps you on top of changing markets.

Asset Allocation, Buy and Hold, or…


Thursday, Mar. 6th (Entire Show)

The technicals of the market have changed dramatically.


Here is a good example of a Best Stock Now. (PFPT)

The most important feature of the Best Stocks Now App.


Wednesday, Mar. 5th (Entire Show)

Our Government thinks that interest rates are headed higher. Are you still holding bonds?

TIS the season for dividend paying stocks like this.

I use YELP all of the time.

The pitfalls of asset allocation-Redux.


Tuesday, Mar. 4th (Entire Show)

A portfolio begins with as a blank canvas. Here is how to begin filling it.

We own the second biggest winner in the market today (INSY)

A large cap stock lifting off. (AVGO)

Dealing with crisis in the market.


Monday, Mar. 3rd (Entire Show)

Here is where the markets are at year to date.

Here is what the current technicals of the market show.

It it time to change your asset allocation?

The leading sectors in the market right now.


Thursday, Feb. 27th (Entire Show)

Despite a flat market, there are still things working.

What do you do with a stock that has doubled? (VRX)

I still like Stocks like this for Income-Not Bonds (TK)

My take on the CNBC vs. Fox Biz debate.


Wednesday, Feb. 26th (Entire Show)

The Biggest Winners in the market so far in 2014-What do they have in common?

Is Elon Musk the new Steve Jobs? (SCTY)

Bank of the Internet? (BOFI)

How diversified should you be?


Tuesday, Feb. 25th (Entire Show)

How important is Technical Analysis?

Why I bought Tesla before today’s big breakout. (TSLA)

This stock has averaged 20% per year over the last ten.(ALK)

Despite a sideways market there are stocks breaking out all over the place.


Monday, Feb. 24th (Entire Show)

The market is off to a very different start in 2014 vs. 2013.

Here is my current asset allocations.

These four sectors have led the market for the last 15 months!

Update on Bill Gunderson’s Model Portfolios.


Friday, Feb. 21st (Entire Show)

It is nice to find stocks before little moves turn into big moves! (AAP)

Good News in (ISIS)

A simple company-Hugh Returns (URI)

Begin with my newsletter.


Thursday, Feb. 20th (Entire Show)

Now we have another BIG Worry in the Market.

Tesla Stock Breaking Out. Here is What I think. (TSLA)

Fun Fun Fun ’til your Daddy takes the Tesla Away. (FUN)

The 2014 market is MUCH different than 2013.


Wednesday, Feb. 19th (Entire Show)

The Market still has plenty to worry about.

This stock is now up 125% since my original purchase and I still like it. (ACT)

A hidden gem of a stock (ADS)

How to find Best Stocks Now.


Tuesday, Feb. 18th (Entire Show)

The market needs to get thru this level for the GREEN FLAG to go back up.

The ALMOST 5yr. old BULL MARKET is still intact! But it is currently a stock picker’s market.

The best Places in the WORLD to be invested right now.

The Best Sectors Now!


Friday, Feb. 14th (Entire Show)

Summary for the week of Best Stocks Now Radio Show.

This Stock is now a double for us (DXCM)

One of the HOTTEST stocks in the entire market (ISIS)

We do things differently at Gunderson Capital Mgt.


Thursday, Feb. 13th (Entire Show)

It is not just FED worrying this market.

A great Large-Cap dividend payer (CMCSA)

I just bought this biotech (LGND)

New apps on the way from Gunderson Capital.


Wednesday, Feb. 12th (Entire Show)

Is the CORRECTION over?

Invest in the package, not the contents. (PKG)

From organic carrot juice to Monster Energy! (MNST)

Here is what I look for in Stocks.


Tuesday, Feb. 11th (Entire Show)

Yellen holds the key in her purse to the future of this year old Bull.

Where to look for income in the market. (BME)

Sometimes we have to look to outer space for good stocks (ORBC)

There is no Holy Grail to the stock market.


Monday, Feb. 10th (Entire Show)

A quick lesson on SHORTING THE MARKET.

The argument for SHORTING this Market right now.

The Emerging Markets are at the epicenter of this current correction. Is this the beginning of the end of the five year old Bull?

Here’s what I am doing in the market right now.


Thursday, Feb. 6th (Entire Show)

The 5 yr old Bull Market is still intact, but caution is still the watch word.

Big Deal for Green Mountain-I wrote about it in my book. (GMCR)

I wrote about this Diabetes stock in my book.New highs today! (NVO)

What Value Investing leaves out.


Wednesday, Feb. 5th (Entire Show)

What will turn this Market around?

I am glad I sold DDD before it turned into “FFF” Do you Know when to sell?

S & P lowest ranking since 2012 election, I do have a shopping list, however. (NFLX)

Is Buy and Hold the way to go?


Tuesday, Feb. 4th (Entire Show)

Is it time to go shopping?

What is on my buy list? (EUM) (EEV) (EDZ)

Why would I continue to hold anything in this market? Here is why (DXCM)

What I will be talking on Bloomberg.


Monday, Feb. 3rd (Entire Show)

Very few market analysts on TV have the guts to TELL THE TRUTH-Not Me!

Market Technicals continue to DETERIORATE!

All of the Asset Classes are dicey right now.

Opportunities on the SHORT side.


Friday, Jan. 31st (Entire Show)

I am still flying the yellow flag!

Where are all of those Pandora Critics Now? (P)

I never heard of identity theft when I was growing up. (LOCK)

I am not going to let 2008 happen to me again.


Thursday, Jan. 30th (Entire Show)

What has caused the wind to shift in the market?

What a great income stock this has been! (MMP)

This one has been a good growth and income play so far (BX)

This week’s newsletter will dissect the sudden change in the market.


Wednesday, Jan. 29th (Entire Show)

Talking Turkey 425 basic points. What is going on in Atlanta? Market Stanley Boys.

MDVN – Biggest Winner in the market today, and we own it.

BIIB – One of the top performing Large Cap Stocks.

Why Dupont is not a best stock now and Incyte is.


Tuesday, Jan. 28th (Entire Show)

Talking Turkey, Argentina, Mexico, and China.

Why I Called Apple (AAPL) a “stinker” two weeks ago.

St. Paul company continues to pump out big returns to shareholders (PNR)

Here is why I don’t work for a big wirehouse firm.


Monday, Jan. 27th (Entire Show)

Is it better to look at a five minute chart or a five year chart?

The Emerging Markets have a virus. Will it Spread to our markets?

What is the damage so far to the leading asset classes?

I continue to raise cash-here is why.


Friday, Jan. 24th (Entire Show)

I turned cautious on the market on Jan 1.

Load and LOCK against identity theft? (LOCK)

Is EBAY a best stock now? Carl Icahn thinks so. (EBAY)

Here is my take on the current market jitters.


Thursday, Jan. 23rd (Entire Show)

I put up a yellow flag on this market on Jan. 1 – Here is why.

Another San Diego All-Star Stock-ISIS

A closed-end fund that has delivered the goods- HQH

The Difference between a Best Stock Now and Mediocrity..-MCD


Wednesday, Jan. 22nd (Entire Show)

I have done more selling than buying in 2014-Here is why…

Why would anyone own GE?

Gilead (GILD) continues to be a huge winner for us.



Tuesday, Jan. 21st (Entire Show)

Is this market getting expensive?

The current technical picture of the market

Current Asset Class Rankings

Current Sector Rankings


Friday, Jan. 17th (Entire Show)

ILMN (Audio Only)

INTC Performance (Audio Only)

INTC Valuation (Audio Only)

Get my newsletter this weekend! (Audio Only)


Thursday, Jan. 16th (Entire Show)

Reason #172-What can go wrong with a stock.

Stop scratching your head (ANAC)

The Answer is in your Genes (ILMN)

Get my newsletter this weekend!


Wednesday, Jan. 15th (Entire Show)

Contrarian Investing. Is this the year?

SLXP-It is good for your GI tract, how about your portfolio?

The first drug approved for Myelofibrosis-INCY

When to SELL a stock.


Tuesday, Jan. 14th (Entire Show)

Here is whey this current market makes me a little nervous.

Should Jamie Dimon be fired? (JPM)

A successful CEO talks about the state of the economy.

Can this economy absorb rising interest rates?


Monday, Jan. 13th (Entire Show)

The Market continues to meander until we hear from Yellen.

Leading Asset Classes Now.

Leading Sectors Now.

The sectors to avoid right now.


Thursday, Jan. 9th (Entire Show)

What does the January 5 day indicator tell us?

Another San Diego Biotech Star-(ISIS)

Bang! Gun stocks exploding again-(SWHC)

2014 will be a stockpickers market.


Wednesday, Jan. 8th (Entire Show)

Need to not do in America whatever Europe did. (Audio Only)

This company makes money whether or not the restaurant does (MIDD)

Restaurants need good YELP reviews.

What is your method for picking stocks?


Tuesday, Jan. 7th (Entire Show)

The Janet Yellen Era Begin-What to Expect.

I wrote about Pandora back in September. How did I do? (P)

Pharmaceuticals remain a leading Sector. Still one of my favorites (ACT)

Does combining value with momentum work?


Monday, Jan. 6th (Entire Show)

Is it time to start to step lightly in the market?

Why has Asset Allocation become such a big part of the financial industry?

Here is my current Asset Allocation.

The current leading sectors in the market.


Friday, Jan. 3rd (Entire Show)

Big Snow Storm on Wall St. As January Goes

How to put the odds in your favor

The Google of China-BIDU

Gunderson Income portfolio up big in 2013 because of stocks like this (KKR)

Bracing for the Storm that will eventually hit Wall St.


Thursday, Jan. 2nd (Entire Show)

How many market predictors had it right in 2013?

A very good year for M/A and IPO’s (BX)

Collecting Income from stocks (CLCT)

Here are the best places to be invested as we begin 2014


Monday, Dec. 30th (Entire Show)


Thursday, Dec. 26th (Entire Show)

My 2014 prediction for the Bond Market(Audio Only)

Will we all want a 3D printer some day? (DDD) (Audio Only)  

Biotechs like this are still leading the market. (INCY) (Audio Only)

Time to make a change in 2014?(Audio Only)


Monday, Dec. 23rd (Entire Show)

Goodbye Big Ben (Audio Only)

The Best Stocks Now App Called it Right in 2013! (Audio Only)

The App was right in 2013. Here is where it is telling us to be invested now.(Audio Only)

Here are the current best sectors of the market to be invested in. (Audio Only)


Friday, Dec. 20th (Entire Show)

All this Debt.

All that JAZZ (JAZZ)

All this performance (HIMX)

All the Best in 2014


Thursday, Dec. 19th (Entire Show)

Bernanke was good for stocks, bad for gold.

If the economy is so great, why isn’t Caterpillar participating? (CAT)

Why is CAT not currently a Best Stock Now?

Do you have time to tend to your stock market garden EVERY DAY?


Wednesday, Dec. 18th (Entire Show)

Was Bernanke a Hero or a Villain (maybe a little Beach Boys here)

A shareholders Best Friend (ODFL)

Buy stocks in Business Friendly states? (ACHC)

Which way is the market going to break next?


Tuesday, Dec. 17th (Entire Show)

We need more than the FED to stimulate the economy.

A Valeant Effort (VRX)

A non-drug stock that is flourishing. (CFX)

Creating an All-Star portfolio.


Monday, Dec. 16th (Entire Show)

Will the current BULL MARKET make it to its 5 year anniversary?

Is the Current Bull Market still intact?

Do you believe in Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT)

The Leading Sectors in the Market.


Friday, Dec. 13th (Entire Show)

Why Ireland is coming back.

Yahoo! (YHOO)

The Next Big Pharma? (RGEN)

The Market is changing. Don’t Miss this week’s newsletter. (Click Here)


Thursday, Dec. 12th (Entire Show)

Do you flinch every time that the market quakes a little?

How can LQK be a BEST STOCK NOW?

While everyone is gushing over Mastercard, Don’t forget Visa!

Update on the PC version of the App.


Wednesday Dec. 11th (Entire Show)

Following the Doomsday Newsletter Writers.

Mastercard! (MA)

Look to Equities for Income (KKR)

Choose you mentors wisely.


Tuesday Dec. 10th (Entire Show)

Bill Gunderson’s Market Predictions for 2014

Clean Dishes, fresh socks, and a Best Stocks Now (WHR)-Graphics from app.

Time to buy the homebuilders (TOL)

Watch out for Investment Advisors with a hidden agenda that benefits them.


Monday Dec. 9th (Entire Show)

Gunderson’s Newsletter got you OUT of bonds and gold BEFORE they crashed!

MPT theory says to invest in all of the asset classes. I disagree…

I like being invested in the BEST ASSETS CLASSES NOW. Here they are…

Are you currently in the right sectors of the market?


Friday Dec. 6th (Entire Show)

All Eyes on the FED

All of a sudden BASIC MATERIAL stocks like this are perking up. (STLD)

A cure for Atop Dermatitis? That would be huge. (ANAC)

What will 2014 bring?


Thursday Dec. 5th (Entire Show)

GOLD continues to get hammered. Is it time to buy?

I still prefer dividend paying stocks like this vs. bonds (HP)

Being in the right place in the market at the right time! (CELG)

To Asset Allocate or not Asset Allocate.


Wednesday Dec. 4th (Entire Show)

Is your advisor VIGILANT or COMPLACENT?

This Diabetes stock is one of the TOP PERFOMERS in the entire market. (DXCM)

Have you ever been to Provo, Utah? (NUS)

I still hate bonds!


Tuesday, Dec. 3rd (Entire Show)

The FED holds the Keys to the 2014 market.

I continue to avoid bonds like the plague. I own dividend paying stocks like this instead. (BX)

Apple broke out to the upside in August and has been moving up ever since. (AAPL)

How did your portfolio do in 2013?


Monday, Dec. 2nd (Entire Show)

The Cost of Hedging in 2013

Bond vs. Stocks in 2013

Is it time to re-balance our portfolios?

The worst Asset Classes Now


Wednesday, Nov. 27th (Entire Show)

Did you get out of the way of the freight train that hit the bond market?

The Solar Stocks have had a great year. Time to get in? (FSLR)

This companies’ chips are everywhere! (NXPI)

Is Buy and Hold a good strategy?

Tuesday, Nov. 26th (Entire Show) 

The average hedge fund is up 6.2% in 2013

I have never see this CEO on TV. Why? (ODFL)

Yet another great stock that is riding Biotech’s coat tails. (ACET)

To hedge or not to hedge, that is the question.


Monday, Nov. 25th (Entire Show) 

Dow 1,000,000-Here is how and when

Are stocks still the best place to be?

The Leading Sectors in the market

Gunderson Model Portfolio Updates


Wednesday, Nov. 20th (Entire Show) 

Scrap the website?

Goldman Sachs Discovers (PCLN)

Oil is a precious resource, but we cannot live without water. (PNR)

Are you keeping your portfolio fresh?


Tuesday, Nov. 19th (Entire Show) 

Should you buy what Buffett buys and sell what Icahn sells? (XOM)

The Best Retail Stock in America? (TJX)

A little know stock whose returns will floor you. (MHK)

Buying Breakout stocks.


Monday, Nov. 18th (Entire Show) 

Invest in winners

Is Dow 16,000 the top?

Is it still a small-cap market?

Are the Pharmaceuticals and Biotechs still leading this market?


Friday, Nov. 15th (Entire Show) 

What are the most important criteria in sizing up a stock?

Lets’ go to Greece for some income (NM)

I’m still riding in my (TAXI)

Does your Stock Market Newsletter strive to put money in YOUR pocket?


Thursday, Nov. 14th (Entire Show) 

Why would anyone own Cisco? (CSCO)

A major breakthrough drug for a rare form of cancer (PCYC)

Wow! Did JAZZ ever hit a high note yesterday! (JAZZ)

Good things coming with the Best Stocks Now App.


Wednesday, Nov. 13th (Entire Show) 

Are you invested in the stocks that are changing the world?

I love listening to my Pandora! And I own the stock… (P)

Here is how to avoid long restaurant waits (OPEN)

Is your portfolio current and fresh?


Tuesday, Nov. 12th (Entire Show) 

Are you making hay while the sun is shining on the market?

How important is Trip Advisor to the travel industry? (TRIP)

How important is Yelp to the Restaurant industry?

Putting together an all-star portfolio. (YELP)


Monday, Nov. 11th (Entire Show) 

Is this 4 yr. 8 mo. old Bull Market in danger?

U.S. Small and Mid-cap stocks have led this market all year long. Is it changing?

Is it still safe to own biotechs?

Bill Gunderson’s Model Portfolios are flourishing this year!


Friday, Nov. 8th (Entire Show) 

The internals of the market are finally rotating. (Audio Only)

Another big winner from my Best Stocks Now book. I still own it. (ENSG)(Audio Only)

The Stock of the Decade? (PCLN) (Audio Only)

Using the Best Stocks Now App to manage your portfolio(Audio Only)


Thursday, Nov. 7th (Entire Show) 

Stock valuations still matter!

Another BIG biotech winner despite sector weakness. (DXCM)

Fun, Fun, Fun! (FUN)

The market is finally rotating. Are you rotating with it?


Tuesday, Nov. 5th (Entire Show) 

The 4yr. 7mo. BULL Market is still intact. Sectors are rotating, however.

From little Akorns grow mighty oaks. (AKRX)

The Next big Pharma part Deux (REGN)

The search for BEST STOCKS now never ends.


Friday, Nov. 1st (Entire Show) 

I finally found two new stocks to buy yesterday.

A very stinky product with very sweeeeeet returns! (MEOH)

Is this $730 stock headed to $1,000 and beyond? (MA)

Comparing various financial newsletters.


Thursday, Oct. 31st (Entire Show)

The failure of is rippling through the market. Is the economy next?

The make proppant for fracking (CRR). Do you know what proppant does?

Pharmaceutical stocks are starting to crack-not this one (WST)

As the leaves fall and winter approaches, is the BULL ready to go into hibernation?


Wednesday, Oct. 30th (Entire Show) 

It is not easy to be a Best Stock Now ™

Why Tesla scares me on this Halloween.

Balm of Gilead!

Stocks you buy should pass a Navy Seal like test.


Tuesday, Oct. 29th (Entire Show) 

You can own the BEST stocks of yesteryear or the BEST stocks now.

Still the Apple of my eye? (AAPL)

This drug stock has blown Apple away. (ACT)

Commission based investment advisors vs. fee based ones.


Monday, Oct. 28th (Entire Show) 

Healthcare stocks were ramping up. Now they are ramping down.

My Best Stocks Now App is Apolitical. It is telling me to avoid the healthcare stocks for now.

My Current Stock Market Worry List.

Is this Four Year, Seven month old BULL MARKET still intact?

I only invest in the leading asset classes. Here they are!


Friday, Oct. 25th (Entire Show)

Buy the Twitter IPO?

Is there still Black Gold, Texas Tea in Texas? (PXD)

Ugg Boot and Tractors (DECK)(TSCO)

Is it smart to sell your stocks before earnings?


Thursday, Oct. 24th (Entire Show) 

Market Strategist predicts 40% drop in the market. (GIB)

Iconic Midwest Company continues to deliver to its shareholders (MDP)

Best Stocks Now App photos of this stock hang on the wall sat Gunderson Capital Mgt. (GILD)

Is it better to throw your money at the market or pick off one at a time?


Wednesday, Oct. 23rd (Entire Show) 

Do you have what it takes to be a value investor?

Remember when the Dreamliner was more like a nightmare? (BA)

The returns delivered by this Irish company will make you dance a jig! (JAZZ)

Many stocks flourish while others flounder. CAT vs. BA (AAPL)


Tuesday, Oct. 22nd (Entire Show)

Are You Reading the Articles that I write? We just nailed another big winner!

Blowout earnings for one of our big holdings. (NUS)

More blowout earnings on one of BIGGEST holdings! (ILMN)

We do things differently at Gunderson Capital Mgt.


Thursday, Oct. 17th (Entire Show)

Goldman Sachs gets it’s first chance to prove it is worth of Dow status.(GS)

My favorite Large-Cap Stock (EOG)

Oil & Gas stocks busting loose! (CLB)

Are you a value or momentum investor?


Wednesday, Oct. 16th (Entire Show)


A new drug that cuts bad cholesterol in half? (REGN)

Remember the Bonanza stock? It is breaking loose! (BCEI)

What is the plan when this Bull Market eventually comes to an end?


Wednesday, Oct. 16th (Entire Show)


Tuesday, Oct. 15th (Entire Show)

Is it better to be a Top Down or Bottom Up Investor? – (Audio Only)

I’ve kept you out of Coca-Cola (KO) for the last year. Good advice? Is it a buy here?

Bill Gunderson’s Best Stocks Now App #1 ranked stock. (OPK)

Determining your RISK PROFILE and investing accordingly.


Monday, Oct. 14th (Entire Show)

How can a Stock Market Pundit be a perma-bear or a perma-bull?

The Best Stocks Now App is Yellen BULL!

Here is the Asset Allocation that I currently have.

Stocks like these are BREAKING OUT all over the place!


Friday, Oct. 11th (Entire Show)

Looking ahead to the 2014 market.

This mid-cap pharmaceutical stock continues to be one of the best stocks in the entire market. (PCYC)

Can this little acorn of a stock grow up to be a mighty oak? (AKRX)

The best resources to keep your portfolio on track.


Thursday, Oct. 10th (Entire Show)

How to handle this current market? My twitter feed from Wed.

Is it time to sell the Biotech and Internet Sectors?

Bill Gunderson’s Twitter Feed from Tuesday had some pretty good advice. Here is a re-cap.

Twitter is easier to use than a phone. I would advise learning it.


Wednesday, Oct. 9th (Entire Show)

Lesson’s to be learned from YUM! Brands (YUM) earnings report.

Leaders are getting clipped, is it time to buy some inverse ETF’s?

This BEST STOCKS NOW™ continues to hit new highs despite budget stalemate. (MEOH)

Here is the real issue in the Budget Debate.


Tuesday, Oct. 8th (Entire Show)

How much should investors worry about their investments on a daily basis?

Yum! Brands kicks off earnings season. Is the stock a buy here?

Using bonds for income or dividend stocks like this one?

Gunderson has you covered, with daily radio show, tweets, app updates, and weekly newsletter.


Monday, Oct. 7th (Entire Show)

Another Boogey Man confronts the market-What now?

Is the almost five year old Bull Market still intact?

With a possible debt default looming, what should your current asset allocation be?

The Best Sectors in the Market Now and why it is not good to invest in predictions.  


Thursday, Oct. 3rd (Entire Show)

Is Tesla’s stock about to crash & burn?

Best Stocks Now App Found this Stock at $13, B of A found it at $34.

Pharmaceutical Stocks continue to sizzle (VRX)

I wrote this in my book at $458, it’s now over $1,000!

Average stocks equal average returns.


Wednesday, Oct. 2nd (Entire Show)

Dealing With Market Anxiety

Oil In Fargo?

Delaware Produces Another Best Stock Now

Sometimes You Have To Shake Things Up In Your Portfolio


Tuesday, Oct. 1st (Entire Show) 

Is it time to change your Investment Advisor?

This Companies New Drug Equals Shorter Hospital Stays

I’ll Put The Performance of This Stock Up Against Any Stock In The Entire Market

What Will the Final Quarter of 2013 Bring to the Markets?


Monday, Sept. 30th (Entire Show)

Is this a Pause or the Beginning of the End of the Bull Market?

I’m Approaching 60 Years Old. Should I have 60% of My Assets in Bonds?

What are the Best Market Sectors to be Invested in? 

The Secret to Outperforming the Market in 2013 has been…


Friday, Sept. 27th (Entire Show)

Here Is Why Investors Should Read Bill Gunderson’s Newsletter.

(CEMP) Will this be another “Killer” Biotech Stock?

One of the Great Stocks of the Decade (TSCO)

Best Stocks Now™ App is a Must Have!


Thursday, Sept. 26th (Entire Show)

Dealing With “Scary Monsters” That Frighten You Out Of The Market.

(NUS) Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc.

(PCYC) Pharmacyclices, Inc.

Lots of New App Features!


Wednesday, Sept, 25th (Entire Show)

What should we do with our portfolios with the threat of a Government


Obamacare has really helped some stocks! (PCRX) Invest in wind or oil? (EOG)

How can you expect above average returns from average stocks?


Tuesday, Sept, 24th (Entire Show)

Is it good to be a gold bug?

Govt. Subsidies continue to drive this stock higher.

My top pick in the #1 ranked Internet Sector.

Gunderson Vs. Jim Cramer (Audio Only)


Monday, Sept. 23rd (Entire Show)

The Bull is now 4.5 years old. I hope that you didn’t listen to the Doomsday Newsletter writers.

The S&P 500 has gone from 666 to 1700. Is the Bull still intact?

If your advisor has had you in bonds, have they given you good advice?

Investing is all about being in the right places at the right time. Where are the best places now?


Friday, Sept. 20th (Entire Show)

The Economy remains slow and the market is hitting new highs! What are investors to do?

This stock is up 140% since I bought it! (NPSP)

Energy stocks are breaking out all over the place! This one of my favorites (BCEI)

I like eating at restaurants where the owner cares about my experience.


Thursday, Sept. 19th (Entire Show)

Why you can’t rely on Market “Predictions”

What impact will the secondary offering have on Pandora shares? (P)

This stock that I own continues to explode! (EGHT)

The signs to look for that this current BULL is ending.


Wednesday, Sept 18th (Entire Show)

What Does Taper Wednesday mean for your Portfolio?

Connectors & Mulitplexers= A Best Stock Now (AFOP)

All this talk about gun control has caused this stock to explode (RGR)

Updates coming to Best Stocks Now App.


Tuesday, Sept. 17th (Entire Show)

What does earnings season mean for your portfolio?

Wal-Mart was once a great stock like Dollar Tree (DLTR)

Buy the Computer stock or the stock of the Box it came in? (PKG)

Sometimes the market makes no sense, but if you are making money-who cares?


Monday, Sept. 16th (Entire Show)

Here is how I value stocks.

I have been fully invested.

Your Asset Allocation make ALL the difference! Here is what I currently recommend.

Here are the current leading sectors in the market.


Friday, Sept. 13th (Entire Show)

Fishing for Trophies in the Stock Market.

Campbell’s Soup (CPB) is a sustainable company?

This stock got lost in all of the hype over Visa (MA)

Have the Doomsday Newsletters put any $$ in your pocket?


Wednesday, Sept. 11th (Entire Show)

Asset Allocation is Designed to Produce Mediocre Returns!

The Braves are having a great year-so is this Atlanta Mid-Cap (OCN)

Truckin’ to huge returns for shareholders (ODFL)

The pitfalls of investing in private companies.


Tuesday, Sept. 10th (Entire Show)

Beware of Headline Investing.

Dealing with a loser in your portfolio (NBIX)

Visa added to the Dow. Should you own it? (V)

Having your money managed by Gunderson Capital Mgt.


Monday, Sept. 9th (Entire Show)

Congress is back in session. Time to run for the sidelines?

Is this market a Buy, Sell, or Hold?

A new raging sector in the market,

Bill Gunderson’s Model Portfolio Updates.


Friday, Sept. 6th (Entire Show)

What is Syria all about?

I am yelping about this stock. (YELP)

Facebook is definitely a Best Stock Now. (FB)

Four weeks of Bill Gunderson’s Newsletter may change your whole outlook on investing.


Thursday, Sept. 5th (Entire Show)

30 Minutes on may change your investing life!

N P S Pharmaceuticals is now a double. Are you getting my weekly newsletter? (NPSP)

Another Biotech breaking loose! What a great fishing hole that this has been in 2013 (RPTP)

Increasing your probabilities in the stock market is like using the right golf club!


Wednesday, Sept. 4th (Entire Show)

It is really a MARKET of STOCKS in 2013

The chart on this stock made my eyeballs pop out! (EGHT)

Another eye-popping stock chart in the hottest area of the market (NBIX)

If your emotions get in the way of your investment decisions-READ HERE!


Tuesday, Sept. 3rd (Entire Show)

What does the Stock market think about Syria?

The Current Technical Picture of the Markets.

What should your asset allocation be now?

A little bit of sector rotation this past week.


Friday, Aug, 30th (Entire Show)

There are always leaders in the market somewhere (Audio Only)

Reserve a spot in your portfolio for this small cap? (OPEN) (Audio Only)

Still a great place to pick up chicks! (TSCO) (Audio Only)

Stay put, or move when the market moves? (Audio Only)


Thursday, Aug. 29th (Entire Show)

Why are CNBC’s ratings plunging? (Audio Only)

Bring your own Booz, Allen, and Hamilton (BAH) (Audio Only)

Oil is now $109 per barrel-Here is how to get even (EOG) (Audio Only)

Is the wind beginning to shift in the stock market? (Audio Only)


Wednesday, Aug. 28th (Entire Show)

Why Syria Matters (Audio Only)

With a Syria conflict looming, I am drilling for dividends (SDRL) (Audio Only)

Putting together an eclectic mix of stock for income (CLCT) (Audio Only)

Almost anyone can hedge their portfolios these days. (Audio Only)


Tuesday, Aug. 27th (Entire Show)

When to Sell (Audio Only)

From little acorns grow mighty oaks (AKRX) (Audio Only)

All that Jazz (JAZZ) (Audio Only)

Crisis Investing (Audio Only)


Monday, Aug. 26th (Entire Show)

Does past performance of stocks matter?

Is the four year Bull Market in Jeopardy? (Audio Only)

Is it time to buy Gold? (Audio Only)

Sector Shopping. (Audio Only)


Friday, Aug. 23rd (Entire Show)

Ballmer retiring from Microsoft. How important is Mgt.?

Here is what good management can do for a stock (COG)

This stocks is still on my radar (AFOP)

Processing stock ideas in a timely manner.


Thursday, Aug. 22nd (Entire Show)

The Number of Bears grow. Where do you stand?

Does anyone shop at Sears anymore (SHLD)

Attention Sears shoppers, check out Dollar Tree (DLTR)

Stocks of yesteryear vs. Best Stocks Now.


Wednesday, Aug. 21st (Entire Show)

Bill Gunderson’s Best Stocks Now App is #6 in the Financial World today. Why?

I didn’t think I would ever own this stock. Never say never! (FB)

Yet another Biotech Breakout! (RPTP)

Taking your 401-k seriously


Tuesday, Aug. 20th (Entire Show)

Admitting that you are wrong and moving on with your portfolio

J C Penney or T J Maxx? (TJX)

Boy, has Netflix got its groove back! (NFLX)

How to Construct a Portfolio.


Monday, Aug. 19th (Entire Show)

Summer Doldrums or Something Else?

It has been vital to be in the right asset classes here in 2013?

What are the Best Asset Classes to be invested in now?

The Best Sectors in the Market to be invested now?


Friday, Aug. 16th (Entire Show)

Where is the Best Place to Buy A stock in its Chart Pattern?

Piper Jaffrey Says I should Buy Nordstrom’s. Here is what I think(JWN)

Pandora on its way to being a media giant? (P)

Here is why you should sign up for Bill Gunderson’s Free Newsletter.


Thursday, Aug. 15th (Entire Show)

How important is technical analysis to your investing? (Audio Only)

Does your portfolio need a sparkplug? (DORM)

Why do folks own duds like Wal-Mart? (WMT)

We do things a little differently at Gunderson Capital Mgt.


Wednesday, Aug, 14th (Entire show)

Following billionaires around with your investing. Is it wise?

I did not hear about this stock from Carl Icahn (TIS)

All eyes on Cisco-Should they be? (CSCO) (Audio Only)

Is it wise to chase tops like DLPH? (Audio Only)


Tuesday, Aug. 13th (Entire show)

Is it better to buy into strength or weakness

Eight by Eight (EGHT)

Another Small-Cap Domestic stock breaking out. (EPAY)

How to Deploy Cash into the Market.


Monday, Aug, 12th (Entire show)

I was in the RIGHT place at the RIGHT time (SNTS, DXCM, NPSP)

Investing in the REAL world and not the one that you THINK should be.

What Bill Gunderson thinks your Asset Allocation should be now. (Audio Only)

Staying on top of Sector Rotation. (Audio Only)


Friday, Aug. 9th (Entire show)

A Brief History of the Best Stocks Now App

How I found NPSP using the Best Stocks Now App

Priceline continues to be one of the Greatest stocks of the Decade.

What does it take to be a great company?


Thursday, Aug. 8th (Entire show)

As the Market Rotates

Best Stocks Now App Nail the third biggest winner in the market today (DXCM)

Frack, Frack, Frack-May favorite play (EOG)

How to use Bill Gunderson’s Weekly Newsletter


Wednesday, Aug. 7th (Entire show)

Commission vs. Fee based Investment Advisors

I found Santarus (SNTS) with my app back in January.

A very speculative biotech beginning to break out (TROV)

If Al Gore does not own any green stocks, why should you?


Tuesday, Aug. 6th (Entire Show)

Do you have the time to watch vital trendlines on a daily basis?

It’s an RV Best Stock Now! (DW)

Smooth JAZZ hitting a new high note. (JAZZ)

Nibbling at Apple again. (AAPL)


Monday, Aug. 5th (Entire show)

Do you believe in active or passive investing?

Factors in determining your stock/bond mix.

My current stock/bond mix recommendation

Best Sectors Now


Friday, Aug. 2nd (Entire show)

Pick Your Gurus Wisely

Sleepless In Seattle (SGEN)

Ford For Income (F)

Cardboard For Income (PKG)


Thursday, Aug. 1st (Entire show)

Passive vs. Active Investing.

Just the Cold, hard facts on Colfax (CFX)

Spend a Buck (DLTR)


Wednesday, July 31st (Entire show)

A stocks “story” is the least reliable piece of the puzzle. (8.30 min.)

Another big Biotech at Gunderson Capital (TSRX) (9.00 min.)

Still a threat to Big Soda (SODA) (9.00 min.)

One great IPO (MA) (11.00 min.)

Thinking outside the box for income investors (BAH) (8.50 min.)


Tuesday, July 30th (Entire show)

Moo! (MOO) (8.30 min.)

The second ranked stock in my BSN app is breaking loose again (AEGR) (9.00 min.)

The luck of the Irish (ALKS) (11.00 min.)

Tips for Small Investors (IBB) (8.50 min.)


Monday, July 29th (Entire show)

Should you sell your stock before earnings season? (Video)

The 4.5 year old Bull Market is still intact. (Video)

Bears continue to get clobbered-Here are the best/worst asset classes currently. (video)

Here are the current top sectors in the market to be invested in. (Video)


Friday, July 26th (Entire show)

To Asset Allocate or not Asset Allocate (8.30 min.)

Big Biotechs breaking out again (GILD) (9.00 min.)

A great Large-cap in Houston (COG) (11.00 min,)

How Bill Gunderson’s weekly Newsletter can help you with your investing.(8.50 min.)


Thursday, July 25th (Entire show)

How earnings reports impact your portfolio (ORLY) (8.30 min.)

Visa continue to be a big position at Gunderson Capital Mgt.- Here is why (V)(9.00 min.)

A stock that is flourishing in the Pumpkin Patch of Calabasas (ASGN) (11.00 min.)

How to use the Best Stocks Now App (8.50 min.)


Wednesday, July 24th (Entire show)

Moving your Assets from Bucket to Bucket or Spreading them out all over the place? (8.30 min.)

Big Day for Apple-is it now a buy once again? (9.00 min.)

One of my biggest holdings at Gunderson Capital is having a great day! (ILMN) (11.00 min.)

Combining Momentum investing with Value investing. (8.50 min.)


Tuesday, July 23rd (Entire show)

The difference between a normal pullback and trend change. (8.30 min.)

This stock has all of the right stuff to be a Best Stock Now (CNC) (9.00 min.)

This Large-Cap is flourishing despite the market’s current small-cap bias. (ACT) (11.00 min.)

Another Biotech star (DXCM) (8.50 min.)


Monday, July 22nd (Entire show)

Did you get out of the way of the Freight Train that was headed right for the bond market? (8.30 min.)

The best darn asset classes now(9.00 min.)

Are you currently in all the right places with your 401-k? (11.00 min.)

These are still the best sectors in the market. (8.50 min.)


Friday, July 19th (Entire show)

Stodgy ol’ stocks of yesteryear or BEST STOCKS NOW? (8.30 min.)

Microsoft once was a Best Stock Now (MSFT) (9.00 min.)

Bring back Jack Welch! (GE) (11.00 min.)

Google this! (GOOG) (8.50 min.)


Thursday, July 18th (Entire show)

Stocks Up 26% over last 12 months-Bonds are down 13.4% (8.30 min.)

Another Small-Cap Healthcare Stock Breaking Out (MOH) (9.00 min.)

Investing in Single Family Homes thru Stocks (BX) (11.00 min.)

Apple still has worms (AAPL) (8.50 min.)


Wednesday, July 17th (Entire show)

Re-fi business comes to a screeching halt (8.30 min.)

I am investing in the container that my laptop came in! (PKG) (9.00 min.)

Academia vs. Real World Investing (11.00 min.)

Baby boomers and RV’s (DW) (8.50 mnin.)


Tuesday, July 16th (Entire show)

I don’t believe in asset allocation (8.30 min.)

Is Coke a screaming buy here? (KO) (9.00 min.)

This stock benefits from rising interest rates! (WFC) (11.00 min.)

The stock I gave to Liz Clayman of Fox back in Spring of this year (MGAM)(8.50 min.)


Monday, July 15th (Entire show)

Small-caps vs. Large-caps in this current market. (8.30 min.)

Domestic vs. Foreign stocks right now. (9.00 min.)

I track 45 asset classes daily. It is vital to be in the right ones! (11.00 min.)

Are your 401-k investments parked in the right place? (8.50 min.)


Friday, July 12th (Entire show)

Combining Value with Momentum (8.30 min.)

Another Best Stock Now from the Medical Sector (ENSG) (9.00 min.)

A fast growing software company (CSOD) (11.00 min.)

How to use the Best Stocks Now app (8.50 min.)


Thursday, July 11th (Entire show)

The markets are drunk with stimulus again! When will happy hour end? (8.30 min.)

Best Stocks Now App NAILS another big winner! (ALNY) (9.00 min.)

Oil prices rising, one of my favorite stocks. (EOG) (11.00 min.)

The investing tools that Bill Gunderson offers (8.50 min.)


Wednesday, July 10th (Entire show)

Dealing with a Fiickle Market (8.30 min.)

The Calabasas Flyer (ASGN) (9.00 min.)

Drilling for Dividends (SDRL) (11.00 min.)

Having an Exit Strategy (8.50 min.)


Tuesday, July 9th (Entire show)

What to look for during earnings season (8.30 min.)

One of the greatest stocks of the decade-not named Apple (PCLN) (9.00 min.)

This stock that I found is now up 80% (SNTS) (11.00 min.)

Boy how this stock has grown up since I first visited it (USNA) (8.50 min.)


Monday, July 8th (Entire show)

It is best run when an asset class begins to rollover (8.30 min.)

It appears that the 7.5% correction is the market is now ending (9.00 min.)

It continues to be a domestic small-cap market.(11.00 min.)

Their is a brand new leading sector in town! (8.50 min.)


Friday, July 5th (Entire show)

I am 80% invested but very CAUTIOUS right now(8.30 min.)

I do not believe in Asset Allocation (9.00 min.)

Invest in the Computer or the Container when it comes in? (TRS) (11.00 min.) 

RV’s are hot! (DW) (8.50 min.) 


Wednesday, July 3rd (Entire show)

Market Chart Looking More Ominous! (8.30 min)

Go Fishing in the Market with those who know where the fish are (9.00 min.)

All That (JAZZ) (11.00 min.)

A great stock right in my backyard (ILMN) (8.50 ,min.)

Monday, July 1st (Entire show)

I Remain 80% invested, but very CAUTIOUS (8.30 min.)

Are you in the right asset classes? (9.00 min.)

Regional Banking is now a leading sector (KRE) (11.00 min.)

ALN-TTR02 ?? What? Just give me the stock symbol (ALNY) (8.50 min.)


Friday, June 28th (Entire show)

Why I am still Flying a Red Flag on the Stock Market (8.30 min.)

What is your Sell Discipline? Here is mine (9.00 min.)

Here is when I buy a stock (11.00 min.)

How to babysit your stocks (8.50 min.)

Thursday, June 27th (Entire show) KISS MY APP! (8.30 min.)

Here is How the Best Stocks Now App has Benefited me (9.00 min.)

Here to find Dividends Right Now (WES) (1.25 min)

How to Roll with the Market (11.00 min.)

Investing in Government Healthcare (CNC) (3.44 min.)

Investing in Govt. Healthcare (cont’d) (8.50 min.)


Wednesday, June 26th (Entire show)

All in or All out? (8.30 min.)

This stock is still flying high! (ALGT) (9.00 min.)

Stock looks great by the numbers (ILMN) (11.00 min.)

Let’s go on Vacation (THO) (8.50 min.)


Tuesday, June 25th, (Entire show)

What is the Current Temperature of the Market? (8.30 min.)

The Market is Cheap. Is that Enough of a Reason to Buy? (9.00 min.)

This Drone Stocks continues to fly under the radar. (TDG) (11.00 min.)

Another play on the Diabetes Epidemic. (PODD) (8.50 min.)


Monday, June 24th, (Entire show)

The Bernanke Bond Massacre (8.30 min.)

I Put up a Yellow Flag on The Market Four Weeks Ago, It is now RED (9.00 min.)

Handling this Current Market (11.00 min.)

How Can We not get Caught up in Global Market Sell-Off? (8.50 min.)


Friday, June 21st, (Entire show)

Dealing With Market (8.30 min.)

Get into the Zone (AZO) (9.00 min.)

One of the Great IPO’s of All Time (MA) (11.00 min.)

If Your Money Manager Kept You in Bonds, It’s Time For a Change (8.50 min.)


Thursday, June 20th, Technical Difficulties Today, (2nd Half of Show)

If your broker still has you in bonds or emerging markets, you should be mad!(9.09 min.)

Is the Market Over-Reacting to Bernanke’s Comments? (8.50 min.)


Wednesday, June 19th (Entire show)

How the FED decision affects your portfolio (8.30 min.)

A Fresh, New Breakout in the Oil Patch (CLB) (9.00 min.)

When Should a Stock be Sold? (11.00 min.)

There is Nothing Wrong with Being a Co-Star (CSGP) Up 42% since Dec. Purchase! (8.50 min.)


Tuesday, June 18th (Entire show)

Stock Picking is Paramount in a Sideways Market (8.30 min.)

Dividends and Salsa? (BGS) (9.00 min.)

As Oil Approaches $100, This Stocks is Breaking Loose (PXD) (11.00 min.)

Go  Team! (TMH) (8.50 min.)


Monday, June 17th (Entire show)

Market Leadership Continues to Narrow (8.30 min.)

Are you Invested in the Best or Worst Asset Classes? (9.00 min.)

Obamacare Sectors Continue to Lead (11.00 min.)

My Number 2 Ranked Stock out of 3,400 Candidates (8.50 min.)


Thursday, June 13th (Entire show)

Stay the Course? (8.30 min.)

Active vs. Passive Investing? (9.00 min.)

Buy & Hold? (11.00 min.)

Rolling with the Market as Opposed to Fighting it(8.50 min.)


Wednesday, June 12th (Entire show)

The Market has Entered into a Consolidation Phase, What does this mean for investors? (8.30 min.)

Go Team! (TMH) (9.00 min.)

A red-hot Micro-cap (ADUS) (11.00 min.)

A Stock that is Breaking out Despite a Sideways Trending Market (OCN) (8.50 min.)


Tuesday, June 11th (Entire show)

Is Asset Allocation the Way to Go? (8.30 min.)

A Brand-New Best Stocks Now Small-Cap (DW) (9.00 min.)

A Picture Perfect Technical Breakout on this Stock (LNDC) (11.00 min.)

A Sizzling Domestic Mid-Cap Growth Stock (COO) (8.50 min.)


Monday, June 10th (Entire show)

5.3% Correction so far, is it over? (8.30 min.)

Is it still time to have the foot on the accelerator in this current market? (9.00 min.)

Are you Invested the Right Asset Classes? Foreign or Domestic? (11.00 min.)

A Red-Hot Glaucoma Stock (ACAD) (8.50 min.)


Friday, June 7th (Entire show)

Screening the market for performance (8.30 min.)

Screening the market for value (9.00 min.)

 A good example of Performance and Value (TSCO) (11.00 min.)

What Today’s Jobs Report Means for You (8.50 min.)


Thursday, June 6th (Entire show)

Selling Rules. (8.30 min.)

From $1 to $115 per share (GMAC) (9.00 min.)

What is your Money Manager doing as the Mardet Turns? (11.00 min.)

Is it Time to Hedge? (SH) (8.50 min.)

Wednesday, June 5th (Entire show)

Can Computers Pick Stocks? (8.30 min.)

I Disagree with the Pundits who say Netflix is Doomed! (NFLX) (9.00 min.)

Seeking Dividends (BAH) (11.00 min.)

This Stock Continues to Fly (ALGT) (8.50 min.)


Tuesday, June 4th (Entire show)

Where is the Market at Right Now? (8.30 min.)

One of the Decade’s Best Stocks. (CERN) (9.00 min.)

A Threat to Big Soda? (SODA) (11.00 min.)

Investing in Baby Boomers Getting Older (ENSG) (8.50 min.)


Monday, June 3rd (Entire show)

Time to be Cautious? (8.30 min.)

The Current Technical Picture of the Market. (9.00 min.)

The Leaders in the Market(11.00 min.)

Still a few High Quality Stocks Breaking Out. (CFX) (8.50 min.)


Friday, May 31st (Entire show)

June Swoon? (8.30 min.)

I am Getting Jazzed (JAZZ) (9.00 min.)

My 25 Stock Roster (11.00 min.)

Let’s go th the Movies! (LGF) (8.50 min.)


Thursday, May 30th (Entire show)

Tending Your Portfolio (8.30 min.)

Profiting From Obamacare (9.00 min.)

Do You Have an Exit Strategy? (11.00 min,)

Punchbowl Profits (OCN) (8.50 min,)


Wednesday, May 29th (Entire show)

Interest Rates Spike Again-Bonds get Hammered(8.30 min.)

What is Juxtapid? (AEGR) (9.00 min.)

We Nail Another Big Winner. (VRX) (11.00 min.)

Frack, Frack, Frack, (GTLS) (8.50 min.)


Tuesday, May 28th (Entire show)

Huh? What did Bernanke Say? (8.30 min.)

How are the Bears faring? (9.00 min.)

Sector Shakeup? (11.00 min.)

RNA Interference (ALNY) (8.50 min.)


Friday, May 24th (Entire show)

Is a Correction Beginning? (8.30 min.)

You Don’t Have to be a Main Star. (CSGP) (9.00 min.)

One of my Favorite Biotechs. (ALKS) (11.00 min.)

Do you need a Temp Agency? (ASGN) (8.50 min.)


Thursday, May 23rd (Entire show)

Is the Coprrection Here? (8.30 min.)

How safe is the Bond Market Right Now? (9.00 min.)

How about a shopping spree (DLTR) (11.00 min.)

Toro (Bull)! (TTC) (8.50 min.)


Wednesday, May 22nd (Entire show)

Shopping the Aisles of the Stock Market (8.30 min.)

Another Hot Biotech (NPSP) (9.00 min.)

Diversification and Inflation Protection (11.00 min.)

I Love Their Catalog (GWW) (8.50 min.)


Tuesday, May 21st (Entire show)

Where are the Best Stocks in the Market? (8.30 min.)

The Rebound in housing continues (Home Depot) (9.00 min)

Get into the Zone (AZO) (11.00 min.)

Dresser-Rand (DRC) (8.50 min.)


Monday, May 20th (Entire show)

Zeroing in on the Best Areas of The Market (8.30 min.)

The Best Asset Classes Now (9.00 min.)

The Best Sectors Now (11.00 min.)

Another Biotech Heating up (DXCM) (8.50 min.)


Friday, May 17th (Entire show)

BSN App Nails the Biggest Winner in the Market for the Second Straight Week (AEGR) (8,30 min.)

Does Your Roof Leak? (BECN) (9.00 min.)

Do you like That Food? (TTF) (11.00 min.)

Low interest Rates are Driving the Atlanta Stocks Higher (OCN) (8.50 min.)


Thursday, May 16th (Entire show)

Time for a Pause? (8.30 min.)

Cisco a Best Stock Now? (CSCO) (9.00 min.)

My Current #1 Ranked Stock (USNA) (11.00 min.)

Still a Leading Vice Stock (STZ) (8.50 min.)


Wednesday, May 15th (Entire show)

BEAR MARKET ALERT! (TLT) (8.30 min.)

Act III? (ACT) (9.00 min.)

At the Copa-Copacabana! (COPA) (11.00 min.)

This stock is benefiting from a soaring stock market (AMP) (8.50 min.)


Tuesday, May 14th (Entire show)

When will this win streak end? (8.30 min.)

Do you want to be a landlord? (O) (9.00 min.)

Name your own price? (PCLN) (11.00 min.)

Another hot biotech. (CELG) (8.50 min.)


Monday, May 13th (Entire show)

If you keep doing the same ol’ thing (8.30 min.)

Is a BEAR lurking in the BOND market? (9.00 min.)

You can own the worst asset classes or the BEST asset classes (11.00 min.)

Biotechs still on fire (8.50) min.)


Friday, May 10th (Best of Show) (40.00 min.)


Thursday, May 9th (Entire show)

Should a Warning Label be Printed on Bonds? (8.30 min.)

Where America Shops (TJX) (9.00 min.)

Long Term Care (OHI) (11.00 min.)

A Wild One! (NPSP) (8.50 min.)


Wednesday, May 8th (Entire show)

Investing in Big Names (8.30 min.)

Buffet is not the only Star in Omaha (UNP) (9.00 min.)

Boring Stock, Sexy Returns (ENB) (11. 00 min.)

Fun, Fun, Fun! (FUN) (8.50 min.)

Tuesday, May 7th (Entire show) Sell Bonds (8.30 min.)

We nail another big winner (SNTS)  (9.00 min.)

Furniture and Trucks (ODFL)  (11. 00 min.)

Howard Hughes? (HHC)  (8.50 min.)


Monday, May 6th (Entire show)

Remember the Fiscal Cliff?  (8.30 min.)

Best/Worst Asset Classes Now  (9.00 min.)

Best/Worst Sectors Now  (11.00 min.)

Born on a Mountain Top in Tennessee (NHI)  (8.50 min.)


Friday, May 3rd (Best Of Show)  (40.00 min.)


Thursday, May 2nd (Entire show)

Snow in May?  (8.30 min.)

Investing in Zuckerberg? (FB)  (9.00 min.)

Visa or Voya?  (V)  (11.00 min.)

Still a Best Stock Now  (GILD)  (8.50 min.)


Wednesday, May 1st (Entire show)

It’s your choice  (8.30 min.)

I’m not giving up my cable tv (9.00 min.)

Don’t leave home without it (11.00 min.)

Bingo!  (8.50 min.)


Tuesday, April 30th (Entire show)

Seven Year Cycles-2001, 2008, 2015?  (8.30 min.)

Sirius about Options? (SIRI)  (9.00 min.)

Aritisan Tuscan Salami? (DPZ)  (11.00 min.)

Put this one in your Pipeline? (EPD)  (8.50 min.)


Monday, Arpil 29th (Entire show)

May is just around the corner(8.30 min.)

The Best/Worst Asset Classes Now(9.00 min.)

The Best/Worst Sectors Now(11.00 min.)

Act II? (ACT) (8.50 min.)

Thursday, April 25th (Entire show)

How Diversified Should I be? (8.30 min.)

Temp Agency Beat… (ASGN) (9.00 min.)

Keep on Truckin’  (ODFL) (11.00 min.)

RU a Leisure Traveler?  (ALGT) (8.50 min.)


Wednesday, April 24th (Entire show)

Value Investing?  (8.30 min.)

Me, I’m Riding in my (TAXI)  (9.00 min.)

Gat a Wart in Your Portfolio? Reach for (PBH)  (11.00 min.)

Liquidate This! (LL)  (8.50 min.)


Tuesday, April 23rd (Entire show)

Is it too lant to get in?  (8.30 min.)

My Current Number ONE Ranked Stock  (RGEN)  (9.00 min.)

Timber!  (PCH)  (11.00 min.)

R U Linked in?  (LNKD)  (8.50 min.)


Monday, April 22nd (Entire show)

Go Away in May?  (8.30 min.)

The Best/Worst Asset Classes Now (9.00 min.)

The Best/Worst Sectors Now (11.00 min.)

A Top Stock in a Top Sector  (VRX)  (8.50 min.)


Friday, April 19th (Encore Show)


Thursday, April 18th (Entire show)

Navitgating The Market in Rough Seas (8.00 min.)

Is it the Real Thing? (PEP)  (9.00 min.)

I Seen a Train a Comin’ (UNP)  (11.00 min.)

That Lil Ol’ Stock From Texas (ADS)  (8.50 min.)


Wednesday, April 17th (Entire show)

No Bull Lasts Forever (8.00 min.)

Does Your Portfolio Need More Intel? (INTC)  (9.00 min.)

Don’t Be Depressed (ALKS)  (11,00 min.)

Santarus Still Flyting High  (SNTS)  (8.50 min.)

Tuesday, April 16th (Entire show)

Handling Crisis Investing… (8.00 min.)

Investing in Widgets (GWW)  (9.00 min)

Biotech Remain Hot (BMRN)  (11.00 min.)

I Like Being a Land Baron (BX)  (8.50 min.)


Monday, April 15th (Entire show)

All that Glitters is not Gold (11.00 min.)

The Best/Worst Asset Classes Now (9.00 min.)

The Best/Worst Sectors Now (11.00 min.)

A Wart Remover Stock???? (PBH) (9.00 min.)

Thursday, April 11th (Entire show)

Help Wanted? (11.00 min.)

Be a Land Baron… (BX) (9.00 min.)

(IT)  (11.00 min.)

It’s Good to be Noble… (NBL)  (9.00 min.)


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